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Who Do You Know

Who Do You Know? is ASET’s program that strives to leverage personal relationships between legislators and staff members and neurodiagnostic technologists.This effort helps build a more effective advocacy organization to help achieve our legislative and regulatory goals. The primary purpose of monitoring legislation and regulations is to protect the scope of practice for neurodiagnostic technologists. Additionally, the ASET Board of Trustees adopted a critical goal of adoption of licensure for neurodiagnostic professionals at the state level beginning in 2015.  We need your help achieving these goals.
Members of the Who Do You Know? program will create a pathway for governmental advocacy staff to lobby legislators on issues affecting neurodiagnostic technology.When it comes to politics, personal relationships play a significant role in public policy. Legislators and staff are more likely to respond to constituents they know personally.  Having a personal relationship with legislators or their staff members allows a neurodiagnostic technologist to be more effective when they seek to influence public policy. It is easier to schedule a meeting, get a return call or have a letter read if you personally know the legislator. Neurodiagnostic technologists who have relationships with elected officials or their staff can help shape public policy that impacts the profession and the well-being of patients.

If you have a relationship with your state senator or state representative or members of their staff, you are well positioned to influence the legislative process. Even if you do not have a relationship with a legislator or a staff member, you might know someone who does. Do you have a politically active member of your family or a friend who would be willing to introduce you to a legislator? Is your neighbor a business associate of a legislator? Think of the people you know who may know someone who is a legislator or a staff member. The old saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” is so true. Politics is based upon relationships and leveraging our relationships will help ASET shape legislation and regulations that impact the neurodiagnostic profession and the well-being of patients.
To participate in ASET’s Who Do You Know? program select the appropriate official class representation of the legislator you know.  You will be directed to an online form where you will be asked a set of questions. Thank you for your help. Your participation makes a difference!