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All organizations flourish with active and dedicated member volunteers. We invite you to grow with us as you contribute to the neurodiagnostic profession. We deeply appreciate your interest and guarantee you will benefit both on a personal and professional level. Volunteer opportunities range from serving in a leadership position on the ASET Board of Trustees; as a chair or member of a committee, task force or workgroup; helping with The Neurodiagnostic Journal; helping protect the scope of practice for neurodiagnostic technologists by becoming licensure champions; and helping grow the profession by recruiting and attracting more people to consider neurodiagnostics as their career choice.

Interested in Volunteering? Start by filling out this form for more information.


Nominations and elections are held annually to fill vacancies on the ASET Board of Trustees.  Active members in good standing who have maintained membership for three out of the five years immediately preceding the election are eligible for nomination. A trustee must be actively engaged in the practice (clinical, research, management or education) of neurodiagnostics or neurophysiology within six months preceding his or her installation. Graduating from the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy, having prior service as an ASET committee or task force chair, or as a member of the board of a local, state or regional neurodiagnostic society or ASET Chapter, are desirable candidate qualifications for trustee. If you are interested in being considered for nomination, watch for the call for Trustee Nominations announcements beginning in December of each year.


If you have an interest in being appointed to serve on one of our committees or task forces, please watch for ASET’s periodic Call for Volunteers announcements as positions become available. Read more about ASET committees and task forces here.



The ASET Continuing Education Committee is looking for a pool of candidates who are interested in becoming course evaluators for the purpose of helping the committee assign the proper number of ASET CEUs. The evaluators must be flexible, have time to volunteer, be detail-oriented, and credentialed in at least one modality. Evaluators are eligible for ASET CEUs. For more information, contact Charlene Layer, ASET Education Coordinator.

The ASET Governmental & Grassroots Advocacy Department is looking for members willing to join the Governmental Advocacy Committee to help with advocacy efforts. Whether it is advocating to decision makers in the workplace or lawmakers in state legislatures on ASET’s behalf, we can use your voice when it comes to matters impacting the neurodiagnostic profession. If you don’t advocate for the profession, who will?  Mentoring is provided. For more information contact Jennifer K. Montgomery, ASET Senior Director of Operations and Government Affairs.

The ASET Governmental & Grassroots Advocacy Department is looking for members willing to join Point of Contact teams being set up in each state. The aim of Point of Contact teams is to develop and maintain personal relationships with state legislators and to advocate on ASET’s behalf when it comes to legislative and regulatory matters impacting the neurodiagnostic profession. The committee also is recruiting “champions” to help form and organize state licensure committees and state neurodiagnostic chapters. Mentoring is provided .For more information contact Jennifer Montgomery, ASET Director of Operations and Government Affairs.

The ASET Marketing & Social Media Initiatives Committee is looking for members to join ASET’s Ambassadors and Veterans Outreach programs. Through participation in local career fairs, meetings with guidance counselors, and the like, the Ambassador and Veterans Outreach program members are asked to help promote the profession and recruit individuals – from middle and high school students to veterans and adults seeking career retraining opportunities – to consider neurodiagnostics as their career choice. Scripted PowerPoint presentations, literature and brochures are provided to each ambassador. For more information on the program, please contact Annalisa Jeansonne, ASET Marketing Manager.