Special Interest Sections – Summer 2020

Zoom, chickadees, Bingo, drive-in church and 24” Husqvarna chain saws… 

This quarter, our amazing Special Interest Section Leaders have brought you many unique ways of managing life and finding mindfulness in the times of COVID-19 and stress. 2020 has brought us stress, for sure, in ways we could have never imagined. However, it has brought us together in ways we never expected as well. Together, we are learning to stick up for one another. We are finding new ways to show love and respect to each other and we have sought out new opportunities to provide for our neighbors.

2020 has increased our creativity with remaining in contact with family and friends. We have learned that we can learn how to use new technologies to help. We can learn how to teach others virtually. Life does not have to stop for us to remain safe.

The end of this month marks my son’s 4th anniversary in the Marine Corps. He has recently been promoted to Corporal and he will celebrate his birthday with colleagues and friends. We were supposed to go see him for his birthday but that has been postponed due to COVID-19… But that’s ok.  

We are ever more eager to see him come November. We will make the celebration even more grand. We’re just grateful that we are able to look forward to that. Our hearts break for those who are unable to look forward to celebrating with their loved ones.  We know others’ struggles have been much more challenging than our own.  

It is our hope that with each article you read, you find another way to laugh, relax, and meditate your way to peacefulness so that you might be able to share those moments with the world around you and bring a little more peace to your corner of the globe.  

As always, we eagerly anticipate hearing from each of you. 

The Special Interest Section Leaders & me, Petra Davidson 

Acute/Critical Care Neurodiagnostics

Ambulatory Monitoring 

Clinical EEG

Department Managers

Epilepsy Monitoring


Nerve Conduction

Neurodiagnostic Education

Pediatrics and Neonatology

Technologist Entrepreneurs  

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