Committee Corner – Spring 2018

Welcome to the Committee Corner, where you’ll find important updates from designated committees.


Chair: Brian Adkins, R. EEG T., CNIM  

Change is in the air!  With the changing of the seasons comes also change of leadership for the Historical Advisory Committee (HAC). Due to increased workload and a change in focus, Connie Kubiak (ASET President-Elect) recommended Brian Adkins for the chairmanship of the HAC, which was confirmed by the ASET Board of Trustees during their mid-year meeting held just a few weeks back in Kansas City, MO.  Steps have been taken to ensure a smooth leadership transition of this important committee. 

The HAC welcomed Christopher Moses as a new member. Together with current HAC committee members, the HAC invites ASET members to assist us in collecting photos, along with descriptions, of past equipment and supplies used by technologists and physicians in the field of neurodiagnostics. Once completed, these photos and descriptions will be placed into the Virtual Museum via the ASET website. If you have any photos of your past equipment or supplies, please forward to Olivia Cottingham, ASET Registration & CEU Manager at [email protected].   

We’d LOVE to hear from you.  

Also, as we look ahead to ASET’s 60th Anniversary Meeting to be held in Kansas City next year, efforts are underway to create a wonderful display capturing where we have been as a Society for the past 60 years. That’s six decades of technologists making a difference in the lives of our patients. 

If you, as an ASET member, are looking for a wonderful way to plug into ASET to help us document where we have been as a Society please contact Olivia  or me by the email addresses listed above.    

Committee Members:  Connie Kubiak, Patti Baumgartner, Carol Bonar, Kelly Clement, Christopher Moses, and Michael Young. 

Staff Liaison:  Olivia Cottingham, Registration & CEU Manager 


Chair: Kelly Clement, R. EEG T., CNIM 

Spring greetings and cheer from the Program Committee as we are working very hard as a team to bring to you the tradition of excellence in education that you can expect from ASET. I am so excited to assist in hosting this year’s annual conference that will be celebrated in my city, known for acquiring its influences from all over the world, making it an ultimate melting pot with such diversity! This year’s conference will be held in the historical city of New Orleans, now celebrating its 300th year and is as vibrant as ever!  Please join us as we welcome you to the ASET Annual Conference. You will experience the fabulous sounds of Jazz, decadent cuisine and fun times when not busy with conference activities!   

Our program includes spectacular speakers with valuable and motivating sessions that should not be missed. I am very proud to present to you this year’s Keynote speaker, Cynthia M. Christie, with many years of experience as a qualified Healthcare Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Executive Coach. She has led teams from Emergency Department (ED) to Admission and Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) to Discharge, improving the process and the patient experience. Her interactive and insightful presentation will be “Critical Thinking for the Health Care Team: Accelerated Skill Building”.  We are also very excited to announce this year’s Ellen Grass Memorial Lecturer, Dr. Aatif Husain, who is an internationally recognized expert in clinical neurophysiology.  His presentation will be “Clinical Neurophysiology and the Treatment of Disease”.  Complementing the conference program with additional exceptional talent will be Cathy Boldery, who has multiple credentials in the field and has very successful IONM business. She will give the Kathleen Mears Memorial Lecture.   

Stay tuned at the closing of the conference, for an exciting Symposium with a knowledgeable panel of speakers with a discussion on “Best Practices in Neurodiagnostics Staffing, Productivity, and Patient Safety.”  As you can see, we are bringing you another exciting year of education and a great time as we gain professional growth and knowledge in our field.  “Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet!”  

Staff Liaison: Faye McNall, Director of Education, and Anna Bonner, Director of Publications 


Chair: Cherie Young, R. EEG T., CNIM, FASET 

The Membership Committee is currently working on a new idea for the annual conference in New Orleans. Until then, make sure that you review and update your membership profile, including your mailing address, email, phone number, or to add a newly-earned credential. I also recommend that you check out the new auto-renewal option for Active and Associate class members. This may be of interest to those of you who have always wished for a more convenient way to renew your ASET membership. So, for those times when you’ve got a lot on your plate and accidentally forget to renew your membership, we’ve got you covered with auto-renewal. Auto-renewal will help save you time, keep you in good standing with the Society, and ensure that you receive a full year of membership. To enroll, simply click on the Edit My Profile link and select the Membership Auto-Renewal tab. 

Staff Liaison: Kathy Wolff, Membership Manager  


Chair: Meredith Milton, R. EEG/EP T., RPSGT 

The ASET Marketing Committee is excited to welcome our new staff liaison, Maliha Khan! Maliha comes to ASET with more than 8 years of experience in improving branding and digital communications for several non-profit associations. We are happy to have her as our new Marketing & Social Media Manager.  

This year we are focusing more on engaging with our members through ASET’s social media accounts. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to connect with ASET on social media to access great resources, professional development opportunities, and latest news from our industry! We had great responses to our latest campaigns for Purple Day and are looking forward to ramping up engagement online for Neurodiagnostic Week. Stay tuned for more fun in the future, which will include live Tweeting at ASET events and maybe even Twitter chats down the road.  

Connect with ASET: 


Twitter:  @ASETLIVE  



Staff Liaison: Maliha Khan, Marketing & Social Media Manager 

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