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How is your company helping push the boundaries of Neurodiagnostics?

How do you push the boundaries of a field that is already so diverse in Neuro nature? You find passion in seeking new opportunities every day to help Neurodiagnostic patients of ALL populations all over the country, giving a special commitment to the most vulnerable patients and in the most challenged areas of Neurodiagnostic service coverage, that’s how. I am proud to say that I am a part of Next Gen Neuro (NGN) and that is exactly what we do. As a Clinical Coordinator and NDA Supervisor, I am a part of the team that trains RNs, PCAs, and other Allied Health professionals on how to set up EEGs. This allows the EEG Techs to have more dedicated time to work at the level of their expertise, whether it’s running the EEG, pruning LTMs, EMU studies, creating technologist/neuroanalyst reports, etc.

Climbing career ladders and continuing education are highly valued at NGN. For example, two of our Neurodiagnostic Assistants were previous allied health trainees brought on and trained to hook up EEGs. Without this extended opportunity, they would not have known about Neurodiagnostics. They are both now furthering their Neuro career by going to school online at the Institute of Health Sciences. One shared that she was inspired by what NGN does as a company within the Neuro world. She felt that by going to school to be an R.EEG.T she could not only further her career, but also provide better patient care by being more knowledgeable about the test she was preforming.

Holly Wood, AS, R. EEG T., CLTM
NDA Supervisor & Clinical Coordinator
Next Gen Neuro