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Welcome to ASET’s Neurodiagnostic Community!

Here, you’ll discover a world of opportunity and support. Our comprehensive member benefits provide invaluable resources and empower you to excel in your profession. You’ll have access to the most relevant neurodiagnostic education through online courses, learning modules, presentations, and more with discounted pricing. Our career center and career ladder are designed to guide your growth in neurodiagnostics. Together, we’re at the forefront of the industry, contributing to continuous improvement in patient care, and the profession’s growth. Your journey here is filled with promise and potential. Welcome!


ASET membership runs January – December. Renewal dues are the same amount regardless of when you renew your membership during the calendar year, so members are strongly encouraged to renew before the end of the calendar year to receive a full year of membership. Members can renew as early as October of the year the membership expires.

Are You Current?

Keep your membership active and your member benefits accessible by making sure your member profile is up to date!

Maximize the Benefits of Your ASET Membership


Discover our neurodiagnostic community where you can make connections, expand your network, and engage with like-minded professionals within the industry.


Access our extensive store of resources and webinars to educate yourself on the latest industry trends and developments.


Explore our dedicated career center and comprehensive career ladder that will guide you through your journey, ensuring you have the tools and pathways to reach the next steps in your neurodiagnostic career.


Get involved by actively supporting, championing, and promoting awareness of the interests of neurodiagnostic professionals within the healthcare community.



Questions? Please contact our Membership Team for assistance at 816.931.1120, ext. 107 or [email protected].