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Member Bylaws Vote

At it’s recent mid-year board meeting, the ASET Board of Trustees voted to propose a bylaws change to the ASET membership. 

We are asking you to please vote (see ballot below) on the following proposed bylaws change as indicated in blue text:

During ASET’s strategic planning process, we identified a need to provide a permanent pathway for economically disadvantaged international Neurodiagnostic professionals to become members of ASET. Our Membership and Global Initiatives committees engaged in much research over the past year and presented a permanent solution to the Board of Trustees. The Board approved the motion and it is now presented to ASET membership for a vote as it requires a Bylaws change to create this new membership category.

Proposed Bylaws Language:
Article 5 Members

Section 1 – Classes of Memberships
The memberships of this Society shall be divided into classes as follows:

a. Active
b. Honorary
c. Student
d. Charter/Lifetime
e. Institutional
f. Associate
g. Emeritus
h. Emerging International

Section 2 – Qualifications, Rights and Privileges of Membership
An individual or entity may hold only one class of membership at a time. The rights and privileges of all members shall be as herein stated and further defined by the Board of Trustees.

Click the member class type to expand for full description.

  • Any person whose primary employment or training is in clinical practice, research, education or management in neurodiagnostics residing outside of North America and meeting current income requirements may become a Emerging International member. Any person holding Emerging International membership in good standing shall be entitled to membership privileges including the right to vote and committee appointments and receive electronic access to the official publications of the Society; however, Emerging International members may not hold office.

Member Vote on Bylaws Change