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Legislative & Regulatory Action Center

Legislative & Regulatory Action Center

This center is sponsored by ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society and is maintained by the ASET Governmental Advocacy Committee. The committee is charged with tracking and monitoring state and federal legislation and regulations that may have a direct impact on the neurodiagnostic profession, your right to practice, and the quality of patient care. As legislation and/or regulations affecting the neurodiagnostic profession are introduced, action and information alerts will be immediately posted to this site. Whether your primary profession is neurodiagnostics or neurophysiological monitoring, or if you perform any type of neurodiagnostic testing (whether it be EEG, EP, IONM, LTM, NCS, and/or PSG/Sleep Studies), we ask that you visit this site frequently to stay informed with the latest legislative activities and that you engage and take action as needed. You can make a big difference in just five minutes. That is all it will take to learn the issues and send an email to your elected officials. Together, we can secure our future as neurodiagnostic and neurophysiological monitoring professionals.


A national trend that is now impacting occupational licensure in individual states is Occupational Licensure Reform (OLR). Not only is it a major topic of interest at the state level, but also in Washington DC with Congress and the White House (both current and previous administrations). Occupational licensing has grown rapidly since the 1950s – five percent of employees where licensed then, and now 25 percent of workers are licensed. Most of that growth is due to new licensure of previously unregulated occupations. As a result of this dramatic increase in licensure in recent decades, much research has been conducted by various entities on what the effects are on workers, occupational quality and the economy. This research has led to a trend of deregulation of occupations and occupational licensing in state legislatures across the country. ASET continues to monitor OLR legislation as it is introduced to help ensure that private organization certification is not negatively impacted by proposed deregulation and reform. 

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