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Emerging International Membership Application

Member Type and Rate

Tier I- $2.00           Tier II- $10.00          Tier III- $40.00

Member type will be assigned by ASET based on information provided.

Membership rate will correspond with country’s economic status. Eligible members are ND professionals residing in countries defined by World Bank’s report as low, middle, and upper middle-income countries.
Tier I- low-income country (as defined by World Bank- income per capita below $1045 per year).
Tier II- low-middle income country (as defined by World Bank- income per capita $1046-$4095).
Tier III- upper-middle-income countries (as defined by World Bank- income per capita between $4096-$12695).

 Click here to find your World Bank country classification.

Please complete the following: 

ASET Communications

ASET provides a Members Only searchable directory. However, we recognize the importance of your privacy. Please choose whether you would like your information to be included in the Members Only Online Directory. If no option is chosen, the default is yes, include.


ASET will follow up with an invoice for payment once application has been processed. Dues rates are for the 2024 member year. Annual subscriptions to ASETNews and The Neurodiagnostic Journal are included with your membership. A member may resign or cancel their membership at any time by submitting their resignation, in writing, to [email protected]. Membership dues are non-refundable. ASET FEIN 74-1553534 | ASET Foundation FEIN 77-0644963