a message from aset leadership

These are challenging times, and neurodiagnostic professionals are committed to providing our services to all people, and maintaining critical services that are so vital to patient safety for all.
In recent weeks, neurodiagnostic professionals have been called upon to assist in unique ways as the United States experiences widespread civil unrest in response to the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN. ASET is saddened by this tragedy and the impact to all communities throughout the United States.
Also, over these past months we have seen members of our community bear a heavier burden from COVID-19 as another reminder of health inequalities and social determinants of health which remain unresolved.  We will continue to work with our healthcare teams to address the unique needs of our diverse populations and communities.
ASET has, and will always, respect the worth and dignity of all individuals, it’s part of our values and is ingrained in our culture.  ASET stands with healthcare professionals and leaders across our nation to support our communities with open dialogue and effective solutions to these complex issues.  By supporting one another and peacefully acknowledging that we are one family, we will become better. 
Thank you for your continued commitment to the neurodiagnostic profession and ASET.
                                                                                                           Connie Kubiak, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM, FASET                 Kevin Helm, MBA, CAE      
                               President                                                          Executive Director       


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