Neurodiagnostic Assistant (NDA) Position Description

Job Responsibilities (EEG/Long Term Video EEG Only)

Continuously monitors patients undergoing cEEG recording for safety, either in room or via remote video monitoring.   Possesses knowledge of monitoring system and camera controls.  Alerts nursing and/or technologist staff when clinical seizures or other paroxysmal events occur.   May communicate with patients and bedside staff to obtain information about events.   May document observations.  The Neurodiagnostic Assistant (NDA) is not qualified to analyze EEG data.   May assist Neurodiagnostic technologists as needed (restocking supplies, electrode removal and disinfection etc.).   Completes hospital training to alert supervisor and/or activate hospital systems such as rapid response, cardiac arrest, etc. per established protocols when encountering patient clinical issues.


High School diploma or equivalent and successful completion of LTM 100 Introduction to LTM for EMU Personnel.   No less than 20 hours of observation in an EMU or Neurodiagnostic Lab under the direction of a credentialed Neurodiagnostic Technologist (R. EEG T., or CLTM).


No previous experience; will be trained in-house with 20 clinical observation hours and successful completion of didactic course (LTM 100)  and competency assessments including but not limited to recognition of clinical seizures and other clinical paroxysmal events, ictal testing procedures, measures to reduce risk of fall, and seizure first aid.


General technical supervision by a Neurodiagnostic Technologist III or above.

Ongoing Education/Maintenance of Competency

Should attend relevant educational offerings and be required to demonstrate ongoing competence. -- Approved by the ASET Board of Trustees August 15, 2020

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