Core Curriculum as Means to Grow a Qualified Workforce

ASET Position Statement

Core Curriculum as Means to Grow a Qualified Workforce
Foremost, ASET recommends completion and graduation from a formal CAAHEP-accredited Neurodiagnostic Technology program for professionals entering the field1. ASET will continue to support the growth of Neurodiagnostic programs and the Associate’s Degree as the Minimum Education Standard. However, with multiple entry points into the field of Neurodiagnostic Technology that are available in the workforce today, ASET recommends completion of the ASET 12-course online EEG Core Curriculum as a minimum for those entering the field through on-the-job training.
ASET shares a common purpose to ensure patient safety with other professional, healthcare-related organizations, Neurodiagnostic education programs, employers, and other stakeholders. Our aim is to promote patient safety by providing affordable, accessible online course work that allows individuals standardized training in order to achieve professional competence in the field of Neurodiagnostic Technology.
ASET’s Core EEG Curriculum is an initiative to Grow a Qualified Workforce and ensure a Minimum Education Standard for on-the-job trained Neurodiagnostic technologists. Adding this curriculum as a means to grow a qualified workforce is an effort to prepare and equip on-the-job trained technologists with the skills and knowledge outlined in the ASET National Competency Skill Standards for Performing an Electroencephalogram.
ASET will continue to support the growth of Neurodiagnostic Technology programs to provide formal, profession-specific education. Said programs may include the use of the ASET online courses as an optional turn-key curriculum should educational institutions or health care providers be in need of a standardized training program. ASET recognizes and supports the registry credential for Electroencephalography, the R. EEG T., as the indicator of professional qualification and competence and promotes the employment of credentialed technologists.
1See Position Statement on Minimum Education and Credentialing Recommendations for Performing Neurodiagnostic Procedures, July 29, 2013

-- Revised and approved by ASET Board of Trustees March 8, 2019

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