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Value of Neurodiagnostic Professionals

During the ASET Annual Meeting in 2012, the ASET Board of Trustees reached consensus on five critical goals to be achieved by mid-2015. ASET’s Standards & Practices (S&P) Committee was tasked with the critical goal “The value of neurodiagnostic professionals in achieving better patient outcomes is established through research and messaging.” 
The S&P Committee collaborated with the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology ABCN), ABRET Neurodiagnostic Credentialing and Accreditation, American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS), American Academy of Neurology (AAN), and American Epilepsy Society (AES), who all share a common interest in defining and improving the quality of neurodiagnostic services. Each organization appointed a representative who became part of a Research Collaborative Leadership Group (RCLG). The mission of the group was “To establish a collaborative consortium of key stakeholders with the focus of defining the value that neurodiagnostic professionals and procedures provide to neurology patients and to the broader healthcare environment.”  
The S&P Committee and RCLG sought to demonstrate the value of neurodiagnostic professionals in achieving better patient outcomes by answering the research question, “Does patient outcome improve when the technologist is credentialed and experienced by producing a technically adequate study and alerting appropriate medical personnel for timely intervention?” An online survey was distributed to leadership personnel of neurodiagnostic services nationwide and the results of project were published in December 2015 issue of The Neurodiagnostic Journal. The article can be freely accessed here: Article on The Value of Neurodiagnostic Professionals in Patient Care. ASET encourages you to distribute and openly share the article to help us promote the role of the neurodiagnostic profession in improving patient care.
In order to further promote the results of the research project, the S&P Committee also developed a scripted presentation which provides an overview of the study and its results. The PowerPoint is freely available for download and presentation to hospital administration and leadership, human resources, student organizations and groups interested in exploring career options, and those who may have a vested interest in promoting and standardizing a neurodiagnostic department. ASET encourages its distribution and use to help promote the role of the neurodiagnostic profession in improving patient care. You can download the presentation Scripted Presentation on The Value of Neurodiagnostic Professionals in Patient Care.
Employers and hospital administrators are often not aware of the diverse and specialized skill sets required to conduct neurodiagnostic procedures in critical care settings such as intraoperative, ICU, and epilepsy monitoring. ASET advocates for the development of a career ladder and job descriptions that reflect the achievement of acquiring additional skills and experience in order to provide these diagnostic and monitoring services. ASET has prepared an Open Letter to Employers on Advanced Practice Levels in Neurodiagnostics to draw distinction between the advanced practice levels and routine EEG testing, and to demonstrate how advanced roles require more training, separate registries and credentialing, and independent and unique job descriptions, as well as to support higher wages for these roles. We encourage you to download and share the letter with your employer or management, as appropriate, to bring awareness to the advanced practice levels within neurodiagnostics, and to help convey why advanced competencies and skill sets are required in critical care settings.