Veterans Outreach Task Force (VOTF)

The VOTF is a specialized branch of the ASET Ambassador Program. The VOTF was created to serve our veterans and their families through education and employment opportunities.
The VOTF is currently recruiting Ambassadors. Are you interested in helping others find value and passion in their career? Are you passionate about Neurodiagnostics and want to share that passion with others? Are you a Veteran working in the field and want to share your story with others? Join Us! Become an ASET Ambassador and sign up to help Veterans and their families learn about this wonderful career option.
VOTF Ambassadors require special training and materials. The VOTF has created several supporting documents for you to use. As a member of the VOTF you will have access to:
  • A regional team leader 
  • VOTF Ambassador Training PowerPoint
  • Ambassador Packet
    • PowerPoint and Script
    • Pens/Brochures
    • Tote Bag
To get started today, simply complete the Ambassador Form here. Your regional team leader will contact you with further direction!

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