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The ASET Board of Directors adopted the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan during the 2015 Annual Meeting. One of the primary goals of this plan is licensure for Neurodiagnostic Technologists. Specifically, the goal is the enactment of licensure legislation in one or more states by 2021. To protect neurodiagnostic technologists ASET has adopted a model bill for the state licensure of the neurodiagnostic practice. The model bill provides the basic structure and provisions for what should be included in Neurodiagnostic licensure legislation at the state level. To achieve this goal ASET is working with chapters, regional and state societies to introduce and pass a licensure bill to protect the neurodiagnostic technologist’s scope of practice.
As health care becomes less and less lucrative, many allied health fields are looking for additional sources of revenue.  If their own professional scope of practice is not providing the income that is desired, they may attempt to write some aspects of Neurodiagnostic Technology into their own scope of practice, making it legal for them to perform neurodiagnostic studies and conceivably illegal for neurodiagnostic technologists to perform them. Without a license to protect neurodiagnostic scope of practice, others can take ownership of duties traditionally performed by Neurodiagnostic Technologists.  Eventually, the field could be usurped by others and you would be deemed unqualified to do what you have chosen, studied and trained to do. In the long run, having a license specific to neurodiagnostics will be the way to protect your job and ensure quality testing on your patients.
When we meet with state senators and state representatives seeking their support for the licensure bill, it helps to have stories that illustrate the importance of having licensed professionals conducting neurodiagnostic procedures. We need your help collecting stories to share with legislators as we lobby for enactment of the legislation. Your story will not be posted on the ASET website and your personal information will be kept confidential. We only will use the information to explain the importance of enacting professional licensure legislation to protect patient safety. 
Of course we must follow HIPPA rules and not disclose any personal information about the patients involved. If you are aware of any bad outcomes that patients have suffered due to neurodiagnostic procedures being performed by non-qualified professions, please share them with us.  In addition to other professions attempting to legislate their way into neurodiagnostic technologists’ scope of practice, the financial pressure on hospital administrators to watch the bottom line has resulted in the elimination of positions for neurodiagnostic technologists in some cases. For example, it is our understanding that the responsibility to conduct neurodiagnostic procedures sometimes is shifted to other medical professionals. If you are aware of any threats to our scope of practice please share this information.
Help us protect our scope of practice by sharing your personal stories that will demonstrate to our elected officials that properly educated and trained neurodiagnostic technologists provide the best patient care for their constituents by clicking here. 


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