Ambassador Program

We are looking for talented individuals with a passion for the neurodiagnostic field who can represent our profession to curious people expressing an interest in a lifelong career. The ASET Board of Trustees has developed a critical goal of recruiting and attracting students to the field of neurodiagnostics. Our Marketing Committee has collaborated with staff and the Board of Trustees to provide you with the resources you will need as an ambassador, including a brochure, PowerPoint, and presentation script. The Marketing Committee has also recorded a series of FAQ videos, which are available for you to incorporate into your presentation. Your role as an ASET Ambassador is to help us achieve our critical goal as stated above. We rely on your expertise and experience in neurodiagnostics to recruit the profession's future practitioners.
We know many of you may already present information at career fairs in your area. Please contact us for information on how we can collaborate with you on your current recruiting efforts.
If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for the profession, or know someone who is, please contact

Thank you kindly for volunteering to be an ASET Ambassador. You are instrumental in helping ASET to further our profession and supporting our mission, vision and values. You have chosen to represent our field to curious young people expressing an interest in a lifelong career. We know that you will carry our values of respect, integrity, excellence and responsibility in your interactions.
To get started, please complete this short form. Once completed we will mail you the requested amount of promotional giveaways. You will also be directed to additional pages on our website to download the PowerPoint and presentation script.
Thank you!


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