Call for Fellows Nominations

Do you know ASET members who are highly esteemed and who have given their time and talents to the Neurodiagnostic profession? If so, please nominate them for consideration to be conferred the honorary designation of Fellow.

Individuals are eligible to be nominated if they have been a member of ASET in good standing for a minimum of ten continuous years since 2010, regardless of member class, and who have distinguished themselves in:

  • Service to the Society, e.g., officer, trustee, annual conference program chair/co-chair/course director/presenter, education seminar faculty, webinar presenter, online course faculty, committee and task force chair/member, journal contributor, Interest Section leader
  • Service to the Neurodiagnostic profession, e.g., ASET Chapter or local/state/regional neurodiagnostic society officer/board/committee member, credentialing board member, examiner, member of patient advocate board
  • As an ambassador exemplifying and advancing the Neurodiagnostic profession, e.g., promotion of the profession at career and health fairs, presenter at non-ASET conferences and events, promotion and participation in National Neurodiagnostic Week

Nominations may be submitted by any ASET member in good standing. Simply complete the brief Fellows Nomination Form that outlines how the nominee meets the nomination criteria in general and return to the ASET Executive Office by the February 14, 2020 nominations deadline. Self-nominations are not accepted.

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