Fellows Nominations are Now Open

Do you know ASET members who are highly esteemed and who have given their time and talents to the Neurodiagnostic profession? If so, please nominate them for the 2020 class of ASET Fellows. Nominations may be submitted by any ASET member in good standing. Simply complete the brief Fellows Nomination Form that outlines how the nominee meets the eligibility criteria in general, and return to Linda Kelly, at linda@aset.org by the February 14, 2020 nominations deadline. Self-nominations are not accepted.

More on ASET Fellows

Any member who has been a member of the Society in good standing for a minimum of ten continuous years and who is highly esteemed in the neurodiagnostic profession, as evidenced by the giving of their time and talents and having distinguished themselves in service to the Society, to the neurodiagnostic profession, and as an ambassador exemplifying and advancing the neurodiagnostic profession is eligible for nomination and election as a Fellow. The conferment of the honorary designation of Fellow does not effectuate the rights and privileges of the member class of an individual elected as a Fellow. Fellows are authorized to use the letters FASET for business and professional purposes. A member elected as a Fellow whose resignation has been accepted by the Society or whose membership has been forfeited for non-payment of dues is eligible to be reinstated as a member upon payment of the current year’s dues and assessments as applicable, but must be re-nominated and re-elected as a Fellow in order to be able to again use the honorary designation.

A Call for Fellows Nominations is announced to the general membership annually. Any member in good standing who meets the nomination criteria, regardless of member class, is eligible for nomination. Nominations may be submitted by any ASET member in good standing and by the Membership Committee by completing the Fellows Nomination Form and returning it to the ASET Executive Office by the nomination deadline. Self-nominations are not accepted. 

Upon receipt of a Fellows Nomination Form, the ASET Executive Office will first verify that the nominee has met the criteria for ten continuous years of membership since 2010. If this criterion has not been met, the Executive Office will notify the nominator of the circumstance and that the nomination will therefore not go forward. If the criterion for length of membership has been met, the Executive Office will send to the nominee a Fellows Nominee Application.

In order to make the evaluation of Fellow nominations as objective as possible the Fellows Nominee Application is based on a numerical system whereby points are earned for activities undertaken by the nominee in service to ASET, service to the neurodiagnostic profession, and as an ambassador exemplifying and advancing the neurodiagnostic profession. A minimum total of 300 points must be earned before an individual is eligible to be considered for induction as a Fellow. There is no limit to the number of points an individual can earn for any one activity and there is no requirement for an individual to earn points in every category for each of the three criteria. However, of the 300 total minimum points needed for nomination eligibility, at least 225 points must be earned for service to ASET, and at least 75 combined points must be earned for service to the neurodiagnostic profession and serving as an ambassador. There is no minimum or maximum number of years over which the points must be accumulated, except that at least 100 points overall must have been accumulated in the five years immediately preceding the year of nomination, and at least 75 points overall must have been accumulated in years six through 10 immediately preceding the year of nomination.

Completed applications will be reviewed by a nomination review committee, comprised of no less than two members of the Membership Committee, three Fellows, and two Active members. The nomination review committee is charged with evaluating Fellow applications received and submitting recommendations for who should be inducted as Fellows to the Board of Trustees.

No more than twelve (12) individuals may be inducted as Fellows in any one year. In the event more individuals meet the nomination criteria than the number of inductee slots allowed, the advantage shall go to individuals with the highest number of overall points accumulated and as scored on the Fellows Nominee Application. Individuals who have met the minimum criteria for induction, but who are not inducted for the year in which they are nominated, will not be required to be re-nominated in order to be considered for induction the following year. However, the individuals will be required to resubmit the Fellows Nominee Application. This will enable the individuals to add to their point totals during the year and thereby increase their likelihood of being inducted the following year with a higher point total.

Those elected to the 2020 class will be inducted at the ASET Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.

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