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What is the difference between ASET and ABRET? ASET offers ASET-CEUs that satisfy the continuing education requirements that ABRET sets to take board exams and renew an existing neurodiagnostic certification. ASET also offers networking opportunities with other healthcare professionals and Interest Section Forums with questions and answers from experienced technologists on techniques and technical issues related to neurodiagnostics.

ABRET is the credentialing board for neurodiagnostic technologists practicing Electroencephalographic (EEG), Evoked Potentials (EP), Long Term Monitoring (CLTM), Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring (CNIM), and for Autonomic Testing Professionals (CAP). ABRET encourages and promotes quality technical and clinical standards world-wid for neurodiagnostic technologists and laboratories through certification and accreditation.

What is the difference between Institutional and Individual membership? An Individual membership provides you a multitude of products, services and programs designed to meet your special needs for continuing education and professional growth, career advancement, job protections, and delivery of quality patient care. The membership fees are $115 for Active, $129 for Associate, and $58 for Student (US members. Non-us members will be slightly higher).

An Institutional membership is for health care organizations and educational institutions that employ or educate neurodiagnostic technologists and provides you with access to the latest standards of practice, national competencies, salary surveys, and neurodiagnostic roles and job descriptions as well as up-to-the minute reports on state and federal legislative and regulatory activities that affect the neurodiagnostic profession. Institutional membership offers a significant cost savings. The base rate for one primary billing contact and four employee members is $500. The fee for add-on employee members is only $86 each.

All member categories are entitled to all membership privileges, including the right to vote, to serve on committees, and to receive official publications of the society. However, only the Active members are eligible to serve as a trustee or officer of the society.

Why do I need an ASET membership? ASET offers its members a multitude of products, services and programs, each designed to meet members needs for continuing education and professional growth, career advancement, job protection, and delivery of quality patient care. Members receive discounts on educational courses, webinars, seminars, annual conference registrations, publications, and store merchandise. ASET is also the leading source of continuing education credits accepted by ABRET: Neurodiagnostic Credentialing and Accreditation.

What are the benefits of being a member of ASET? The value of ASET membership can be evaluated not only by the tangible benefits you received, but also by the practical guidance that is available to you through our education programs, publications, and member network. Visit our Member Benefits page for more information.

How will I be notified when it is time to renew my membership? Each current Active (US and Non-US), Associate (US and Non-US) and Student member will be mailed a membership/card invoice in November for the upcoming year. Upon receipt, remove the card and keep in a safe place. Return only the invoice portion with payment to the ASET Executive Office or login to renew online.

For institutional members, only the Primary Billing Contact of each organization will receive a dues renewal notice by email. Once their institution has paid their ASET membership dues, then each member will be mailed their membership card to the address we have on file for them.

Auto-Renewal Option: New for Active and Associate members is the option to enroll in Membership Auto-Renewal. This program helps save you time, keeps you in good standing with the Society, and ensures that you receive a full year of membership so you will not miss out on any benefits and services available. Members that enroll in Auto-Renewal will not be mailed an invoice. They will receive their membership card in the mail after their membership has been renewed. To enroll, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into the member login boxes at the top of the page with your username and password.
  2. On the Members Only Welcome page, click on the Edit My Profile link next to your name.
  3. Select the Membership Auto-Renewal tab and then the Enroll Now button.
  4. Complete the short enrollment form with payment information. No charges occur at the time of enrollment. Two weeks before your membership expires, you will receive a reminder email about the pending renewal. You will not need to take any action. Credit card processing for membership dues (and chapter dues if applicable) will occur automatically one week before your membership expires and you will receive an emailed receipt of the transaction.

I received my membership card in the mail with a dues invoice. Does this mean my membership has already been renewed? No. Our office mails the membership card/Invoice to Active (US and Non-US), Associate (US and Non-US) and Student members to save time and postage. If your membership card has an invoice attached, remove the card and return the invoice portion back to the ASET Executive Office. If you know that you have already paid dues, you do not need to return the invoice. If you are unsure if your dues have been paid, you can login to your ASET account. Your expiration date will be displayed below your name.

Can I renew my membership online at the pro-rated dues rate? No. When members renew online, the system will always charge them the full rate. To receive a full year membership and avoid a disruption in ASET services, members should renew before their expiration date occurs. Membership runs on a calendar year, January through December.

The pro-rated members dues are half-price during Jul-Sept so why was I charged the full rate when I renewed my membership online during this time frame? The pro-rated dues are mainly for members that join during the spring and summer months and do not receive a full year membership. ASET offers a Come-On-Back campaign for members to re-join the society if they want to take advantage of the discount. However, members start dates will be changed if they choose to re-join instead of renewing. Members that want to re-join the society must submit a hard copy application to be processed by ASET staff.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime and receive a full refund? A member may resign or cancel their membership at any time by submitting their resignation in writing to Membership dues are non-refundable.

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