Census Collection Tips

How you can help with the Census Collection

Help build a communications highway across our nation -- one that reaches every state and individual performing neurodiagnostic testing. Lend a stronger voice to the advocacy for the neurodiagnostic profession and help enable the rapid dissemination of information on current topics and emerging issues of interest to the profession. Remember, even if an individual does not consider neurodiagnostics to be their primary profession or occupation, if they perform neurodiagnostic testing we still need them to be counted in the census.
The following are tips and suggestions that came out of the interactive brainstorming and Q&A portion of the Grassroots Town Hall Meeting held at the ASET 2010 Annual Conference, Louisville, KY, for how you can help in the census collection project:
  1. Build awareness of the census project by word of mouth, starting in your own lab.  Appoint one person in the lab to collect names and enter them on the census form.  Identify one person in another lab in your city to do the same.  Move from one city or county to the next, appointing a lead person in each locale.
  2. Tag your technologist friends on Facebook so they are aware of the project, and invite them to be counted in the census.
  3. Contact neurologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, ENTs, pulmonologists, and researchers in your area as well as anyone else who may be likely to employ techs.
  4. Scan job placement boards and position listings to identify employers of techs; then contact those employers for the names of techs currently holding positions.
  5. Put together a team of your lab employees to compile and gather names, e.g., assign each member of the team one region of your state and responsibility for calling all of the hospitals in their assigned region.  You can get a list of all hospitals in the state by a simple Google search.  Click on the specialty of neurology for a hospital entry and it will return a listing of all of the neurology physicians working at that hospital.
  6. Ask your patients where they may have had similar testing done previously, and then follow up with that location for the names of technologists working there.
Other suggestions that came out of the Grassroots Town Hall meeting that ASET will be following up on directly include inviting the neurodiagnostic registry boards and industry vendor and supplies to participate in the project.
If you are an ASET member and have additional ideas for the census collection, please post your suggestions on the Grassroots Campaign discussion forum.  If you are not an ASET member, we invite you to post your suggestions on the Grassroots Campaign discussion on ASET's Facebook page.

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