Grassroots Campaign

Building a nationwide communications network
ASET has undertaken the mission to create and maintain a nationwide network of information sharing among neurodiagnostic professionals, students, and other related medical and allied health professionals with the goal of promoting the best possible patient care. Our Grassroots Campaign is how we are achieving this mission. 
Through this Grassroots Campaign, ASET can:
  • Increase intra- and intercommunication among local, state and regional neurodiagnostic societies and ASET, as well as develop collaborative and mutually supportive activities and programming
  • Provide resources and support to local technologists who have an interest in forming a neurodiagnostic society in states where no local society currently exists
  • Build a nationwide communications network by conducting a “census” of all individuals in the field performing neurodiagnostic testing
  • Disseminate critical information quickly through the nationwide communications network on such “Hot Topic Communications” as state legislative and regulatory actions that may have an impact on the profession, affect the ability to practice, or qualify testing for reimbursement.
We need your help in building the communications highway across our nation so that it reaches every state and every individual performing neurodiagnostic testing, whether it be electroencephalograms, evoked potentials, intraoperative neuromonitoring, long-term monitoring, nerve conduction studies, and/or polysomnograms. Please stand up and be counted by taking part in the neurodiagnostics census. The census is not a marketing gimmick to prospect for members. It is a tactic to identify all individuals performing neurodiagnostic testing to lend a stronger voice in the advocacy for the neurodiagnostic profession and to rapidly disseminate information on current topics and emerging issues of interest to the profession.
Stand Up and Be Counted
To be counted, you simply need to complete the brief Census Form. Please consider including your colleagues as well – either by entering their information or by referring this page to them. For additional ways and suggestions on how you can help with the census collection, please click here. If you are an ASET member and have additional ideas for the census collection, or on ASET’s Grassroots Campaign in general, please post your comments on the Grassroots Campaign discussion forum. If you are not an ASET member, we invite you to join the Grassroots Campaign discussion on ASET’s Facebook page.
In appreciation for your participation in the census, you and the individuals you enroll will have a choice of one or more of the following free downloads: (a) Infection Control article as published in the American Journal of Electroneurodiagnostic Technology (AJET); (b) webinar on licensure of Healthcare professionals; and (c) ASET 2011 Neurodiagnostics Salary & Benefits Report Executive Summary.
Help us build the communication highway across the United States by forwarding this page to someone you know who is performing neurodiagnostic testing.
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