Disaster Recovery Program

The ASET disaster recovery program is designed to provide a platform and clearinghouse for members to help fellow members who have been adversely affected by a disaster. Under the program, affected members can communicate their needs to the membership at large and access contact information for members and industry suppliers who have goods and services to donate or lend in the event of a disaster.

Recovery Plan Assistance

When a member in good standing has been affected by a disaster, ASET provides resources to mitigate the negative impact.

Membership Dues Waiver

Apply for a waiver of ASET membership dues for one year immediately following the year when the member was affected by a disaster. All applications for dues waivers under this program are subject to review and approval by the ASET Board of Trustees. Upon request, obtain a letter confirming your membership in good standing in Society from the ASET Executive Office.

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Members in need of replacement documentation of their registry(s) will need to contact the applicable registration board. If a member has lost his/her ABRET certificate(s) due to a disaster, the ABRET office will provide a free replacement upon request.

Disaster Alerts

Members are encouraged to contact the ASET Executive Office when a disaster occurs since we do not have the capabilities to regularly monitor for disasters. Under the Disaster Recovery Program, we will provide resources on the ASET website and send disaster alerts to our members, directing them to applicable recovery programs. You can call (816) 945.9226 or email info@aset.org.

ASET Forums

Members affected by a disaster under this plan — and members who are in a position to provide assistance — are encouraged to take advantage of the following four Discussion Forums. 

  1. Contact Forum: While texting and emailing are likely the most readily available channels of communication during a disaster, it is entirely possible that their services are disrupted. Through this forum, members affected by the disaster can let friends, families, and colleagues know they are okay. They can also identify their immediate needs and convey how they can best be contacted.
  2. Housing Forum: Members who have been displaced from their homes due to the disaster are encouraged to share their need for temporary housing. Their message should include their phone number, age, and gender of the people in the party in need of housing; if pets are involved; and how best to be contacted. Alternately, members who have space that can temporarily house displaced members are also encouraged to post the availability.
  3. Supply Forum: Since supplies will be contaminated or unavailable during many disaster situations, this forum is for members affected by a disaster to post their need for temporary equipment and supplies to support the workplace. A listing of vendors who have committed to providing assistance will be accessible from this forum. Vendors are encouraged to scan this forum when a disaster has occurred and proactively offer service.
  4. Employment Forum: Members who expect to lose their job for longer than 30 days due to a disaster are encouraged to post their need for temporary (or permanent) employment. The posting should include a brief description of work experience, education background, credentials held, willingness to relocate and contact information. As a standing and ongoing member benefit, members can post their resumes and search for job openings on the Career Center. In addition, employers who can offer temporary (or permanent) employment to displaced members can post their job posting on this forum. They are encouraged to browse this platform and follow up with the displaced members accordingly.


What constitutes a disaster under this recovery plan?

Disasters can be sudden, unwanted, unavoidable occurrences, resulting in an official disaster declaration by a U.S. state or federal government. These include difficult circumstances caused by nature, such as floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and storms. They can also be human-made such as airline crashes, terrorist attacks and civil disturbances.

What constitutes a member being affected by a disaster?

A declared disaster area with damage that alters the function of a member's primary place of employment, thereby causing the member loss of that employment for at least 30 days, and/or a declared disaster area with damage that forces a member to leave their primary residence for at least four weeks, constitutes a member being affected by a disaster. Hence, they will be eligible for assistance under this recovery plan. For purposes of this program, a member's primary place of employment is defined as that at which at least 50 percent of his/her annual wages are earned.

How can I provide more assistance to members affected by a disaster?

Members who wish to donate money to help colleagues in need are encouraged to give to the national or local chapter of the American Red Cross or the legitimate charities and fundraising drives established for disaster recovery.


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