Plan. Participate. Promote.

Neurodiagnostic Week is your week to celebrate your profession and we want to help!
Here are a few ideas that you can use to make the most of this once-a-year event. 
  • Host a patient's health fair on epilepsy and Neurodiagnostic services
  • Have an open house in the Neurodiagnostic Department, give out brain erasers and serve Jell-O brains
  • Put up a poster display in the hospital lobby or wherever educational materials are allowed
  • Make art projects out of old paper EEGs for display
  • Print out these fun brain teasers and start a challenge among your tech team. Or, hand them out to patients!
  •  Apply Fp1 and O2 on visitors to your booth/department and run a brief tracing, asking the patient to blink, smile, move his/her head, close his/her eyes, and the like
  • Visit a 7th or 8th grade science class and talk about EEG, brain injuries, and seizures
  • Send a formal request for Neurodiagnostic Week Proclamation to your local government and invite them to present the proclamation at your event
  • Download the Neurodiagnostic Week press release template and send to your local media and allied health organizations in your community
  • Pass out informational brochures on a career in neurodiagnostic technology, a patient’s guide to testing, or our new brochure describing neurodiagnostics in layperson terms
  • Visit for more ideas and printable documents, including an assortment of brain teasers, instructions on a proclamation request, model proclamation language to use, and previous year's success stories

Remember to send us your pictures of how you celebrated and promoted Neurodiagnostic Week so we can post them on the ASET website and publish them in the ASET newsletter!

Send your pictures, ideas and tips for a successful Neurodiagnostic Week to Dillan Conn, Marketing and Communications Manager, so we can post them on our website and social media pages.

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