Brain Teasers

Do you need to study for the Boards, but would rather play games instead? Well, you’re not alone and ASET’s got you covered! Solving crossword puzzles and other brain teaser puzzles boosts your brain power, challenges your Neurodiagnostic know-how, stimulates those synapses and tests your mental mettle. We will be posting a new crossword puzzle* each day of Neurodiagnostic Week plus we have additional brain teasers to keep you entertained while testing your Neurodiagnostic knowledge at the same time.


We hope you enjoyed the free and fun crossword puzzles for neurodiagnostic week. The crossword puzzles and KEYS are provided below.

ACNS Minimal Technical Standards for Recording EEG

The EEG in Metabolic Encephalopathy and Coma

Neonate #2 Inspired by ACNS

Final ILAE with Dict

10-10 Nomenclature


Download the additional brain teasers:

Additional Brain Teaser Puzzles



*NOTE: Coming soon in the Summer of 2020! A.J. Ham’s EEG Crossword and Word Tonic cures boredom, establishes EEG enlightenment, offers challenges and assists with studying for exams. 

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