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Webinar Series

2018 Webinars!
Participants will log onto a website to listen to the lecture and will be allowed to participate in a more interactive way of discussion via a chat box and online polling feature.  The speaker will be able to present and interact with their slides using a pointer or whiteboard. Presentations will be recorded and available in video format, which you can download to your computer or video mp3 player such as an iPod or iPhone after the lecture.  
Follow these instructions to register Now:
  1. Go to the ASET website, www.aset.org and log in with your ASET username and password.
  2. Click on Webinar Series under the Education tab.
  3. Click on Online Registration from the left side of your screen under the member login boxes.
  4. This will direct you to the ASET Online Store, click on the category Live Webinars 2018.
  5. Listed here is the title, author and date of the upcoming webinar, click on the Add to Cart button to purchase the live webinar event(s).
  6. When finished, proceed to the Check Out and complete the store order form, be sure to review your order details before processing your payment.
  7. Enrolled participants will receive log-in instructions and link 24 hours prior to the live event. 
Take advantage of this educational opportunity and register NOW!  The ASET Webinars are worth 1 ASET-CEUs each.
New Registration and ASET CEU Process
Simplified registration process and change in CEU quiz requirement. (see below)
Individual participation 
member price: $25.00 / non-member price: $40.00 
  • register/enroll in the webinar course and attend the live event (includes access to the webinar, webinar recording, and quiz). Passing the available quiz in this course earns the CEU credit(s).
Group participation 
first enrollee - same as Individual Participation rate and process
each additional participant from the same employer -
member price: $10.00 / non-member price: $15.00
  • each additional participant must enroll in the “quiz only” course with title that matches the webinar. Passing the available quiz in this course earns the CEU credit(s).  Rosters will no longer be used or accepted.
  • i.e. The first participant enrolls in "Webinar Ambulatory EEG" course. Each additional participant enrolls in "Webinar Quiz Only Ambulatory EEG" course (note matching titles). Only the quiz is included in the "quiz only"course, (no handouts or recordings-those must be accessed from the first enrollee). Click here to view the downloadable quiz only webinar registration form.


All Live Webinars begin at 12 noon Central time, 1 PM Eastern, 11 AM Mountain, and 10 AM Pacific unless otherwise specified.
January 17
"On the Lookout for Bugs: Infection Prevention in the Neurodiagnosotic Lab"
by Jitka Janecek, BSN, RN, CNIM, R. EEG/EP T., R.NCS.T., RPSGT
About Webinar:
This presentation will provide an overview of infection control practices specific to neurophysiology, addressing questions about cleaning electrodes, using supplies in the lab and will also include information about some of the latest developments for infection control with the new concern for hospital based infection with antibiotic resistant bacteria. Jitka is an ideal presenter for this topic, as she has a background in nursing, multiple neurodiagnostic credentials, and is an instructor in the Cuyahoga Community College Neurodiagnostic Technology Program.

February 21
"The Critically Ill ICU Patient"
by Amy Crepeau, MD
About Webinar:
Everyone who works in a LTM lab has encountered patients who are critically ill and medically unstable. Episodes of status epilepticus or other critical conditions may require that the patient be temporarily transferred to the ICU. This presentation will include tips on patient management and safety, ways to continue the LTM monitoring session in the ICU and how to determine when a patient’s condition will require urgent intervention and transfer out of the epilepsy monitoring unit.

March 21
"Video EEG Data Management in Long Term Monitoring"
by Pat Trudeau, R. EEG T., CLTM, FASET
About Webinar:
This presentation will present information about best practices for Video EEG Data Management in Long Term Monitoring as well as formulating policies and procedures for “pruning”.

April 18
"ILAE New International Classification of Seizure"
by Adriana Tanner, MD, FAES
About Webinar:
This presentation will provide an overview of the International Classification of Seizures with detailed analysis of the symptoms of various seizure types and how the epilepsy team, including neurodiagnostic technologists, can categorize seizures based on clinical features.

May 16
"Target Temperature Monitoring with EEG"
by Sabrina Galloway, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM, FASET, BS
About Webinar:
Target temperature monitoring with EEG is an effective technique as part of the therapeutic hypothermia protocol. This protocol is used to treat cardiac arrest patients and improve the chances of restoring full neurological function. EEG Monitoring is often a part of the protocol since seizures may occur especially during induction or rewarming. Since sedation is used for patient comfort and neuromuscular blocks may be used to prevent shivering, it is difficult to know if seizures are occurring without the help of EEG monitoring. Sabrina has specialized in ICU EEG for many years and is an expert in this area of neurophysiology.

September 19
"Missed Diagnoses-Clinical Correlations"
by Dr. Nikesh Ardeshna
About Speaker:
Dr. Ardeshna, is an epileptologist, who currently serves as Medical Director of Epilepsy Services at Erlanger Health in Chattanooga, TN.  He focuses on reading EEGs, and long-term epilepsy monitoring unit studies.  He has worked since residency to advocate for epilepsy patients. In addition, he enjoys teaching and mentoring EEG technologists.


October 17
"How Should We Be Measuring Outcomes Using IOM"
by Jeff Balzer, PhD, DABNM, FASNM
About the Webinar: This webinar will focus on the outcomes measures that must be recorded in order to further prove the value of IONM in preventing injury during various procedures.  We have spent the last few years defining and proving the diagnostic accuracy of these measures but now we need to demonstrate the therapeutic benefit and define interventional strategies for doing so.  We will explore the past and current literature as well as exploring better ways to define the pivotal role of IONM using specific data basing strategies.


November 14
Wanted: Technologists for Functional Brain Imaging of MEG
About Webinar:
This extended webinar will cover these topics:
Three perspectives on Magnetoencephalography will be presented in this webinar covering the theory behind the MEG study, diagnostic utilization and technical aspects. If your hospital plans to open a MEG lab, or if you plan to take the new ABRET MEG certification exam, this webinar is for you! 
  1. The Principles of MEG:  A Unique Look into Brain Function
    by Susan Bowyer, Ph.D.
  2. Meet MEG: How to Run a MEG Study by Shawn Walls, MA, CMEG
  3. The MEG Results: How the Physician Utilizes the MEG Results
    by Michael Stein, M.D.