National Competencies

ASET - The Neurodiagnostic Society provides National Competencies and Evaluation Checklists for each modality of Neurodiagnostic Technology to provide the national criteria for evaluating competencies for technologists performing neurodiagnostic procedures. The national competencies were first established using survey data input from the ASET membership database. Basic knowledge and technical performance, as well as quality patient care and patient interaction were considered, with key components of the competencies aligning with nationally-recognized guidelines. Analysis was processed and provided by the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) in New York City or by the ASET Executive Office and taskforces of subject matter experts (SMEs) for each modality. Once the drafts were reviewed and approved by the ASET Board of Trustees (BOT), they were provided and opened for public comment, revised as appropriate, with a final review and approval by the BOT in 1997. The National Competencies and Evaluation Checklists were updated in 2010 (BOT-approved in 2011) and again in 2017 by SMEs for each modality according to nationally-recognized and accepted criteria, open for public comment, and approved by ASET's Board of Trustees.
The suite of Scope of Practice documents, including the national competencies and job descriptions, are available in ASET’s new publication, Handbook of Neurodiagnostic Job Descriptions and Competencies. The handbook also includes helpful checklists to document staff competency. The publication is available in hardcopy and downloadable PDF formats. To order your copy visit the ASET Store. You also will want to add the recently released companion publication, Polices and Procedures for the Neurodiagnostic Department: Reference Manual. This new 579-page manual includes sample policies and procedures from technologists and department managers across the United States, It is available in hardcopy and downloadable PDF formats.

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