Professional Liability Insurance

We are pleased to announce that CM&F Group, Inc. now offers new malpractice coverage options for individual neurodiagnostic technologists. Individuals can obtain coverage for one or more neurodiagnostic modalities, including EEG, LTM, IONM, PSG/Sleep studies, EPs, and NCS. For more information on CM&F Group's new product offerings and for contact information, click here.

Neurodiagnostic technologists seeking professional liability coverage for EEG procedures only may want to contact the Healthcare Providers Services Organization (HPSO). EEG Technician/Technologist is included in HPSO's list of professions covered.

BB&T Insurance Services offers medical professional liability insurance that covers the company, technologists, and/or physicians under one comprehensive policy for professional groups offering IONM, EEG, EP, NCS, Sleep, LTM, and/or ICU/cEEG services. The group can be as small as one as long as they have corporate standing. For more information on insurance options that may be available through BB&T contact:

Dick Mader, CIC, CPIA
Vice President- HealthCare Practice Group
BB&T Insurance Services
Phone: 859.568.1692

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