Mailing List Rental Program

Interested in promoting your product or service through direct mail to ASET members?  INFOCUS Marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing services available offering direct access to thousands of Neurodiagnostic Technologists and Labs. What’s more, specific selections and regular updates make it easy to deliver your offer to your exact target audience and maximize response rates for your mailings.
For more information, counts, or to place an order, please contact INFOCUS at 1-800-708-LIST (5478), or view list details online at
As an added convenience for ASET list customers, INFOCUS offers competitively priced print and direct mail packages INFOCUS Marketing can take your mail campaign from the print room to the post office with the quality of service you need. From labeling to printing to adding that extra bit of personalization to your mail piece, the direct mail specialists at INFOCUS Marketing can handle every aspect of your direct mail campaign so that it’s hassle-free.

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