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Which membership is right for me?
ASET members represent a cross-section of over 7,000 neurodiagnostic technologists involved in clinical practice, research, education, and management; hospitals and labs; and allied health-care providers who have an interest in electroneurodiagnostics. All member categories are entitled to all membership privileges, including the right to vote, to serve on committees, and to receive official publications of the Society. However, only Active members are eligible to serve as a trustee or officer of the Society.
Individuals in clinical practice, research, education, or management in neurodiagnostics.
Physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals with an interest in neurodiagnostics.


Individuals enrolled in a formal education program for neurodiagnostics, including on-the-job training.

You may qualify for student membership for the length of your neurodiagnostic education program (a maximum of two years). You must be an individual residing in the US. Applications must be accompanied by a letter from the school's program director confirming student enrollment status and graduation date.



ASET's Institutional membership is for health care delivery organizations and educational institutions that employ or educate neurodiagnostic technologists. Included in the Institutional member annual dues is the ability to sign up a primary billing contact, and up to four employees as members.

Institutional members may sign up additional employees under their Institutional membership for a nominal add-on fee. There is no limit to the number of add-on employees that an Institution may enroll.

In the event of employment changes and/or new hires, an Institution may add employees to its Institutional membership, transfer an employee's membership to another employee, or inactivate an employee's membership, at any time throughout the year.

Each institutional employee member will receive an individually-assigned member ID and password, which will allow direct access to the Members Only section of the ASET website and enable the employee to directly qualify for member rate discounts on event and on-line course registrations, and ASET Store transactions.


If you have thirty (30) or more years of membership in ASET from the effective date of membership you may apply for Emeritus status if you are: (1) of age to collect Social Security retirement benefits; and (2) fully retired from active practice, management, research, or full-time teaching in neurodiagnostics. Emeritus status will be effective upon receipt of a fully completed application and verification of eligibility by the ASET Executive Office. Members granted Emeritus status are exempt from Society dues and are entitled to all membership privileges, including the right to vote and to serve on committees, but are not eligible to serve as a trustee or officer.

ASET’s Emeritus class of membership accommodates devoted members who are retired and who would like to continue their affiliation with the Society, but may be unable to afford to do so as they are no longer actively working in the field. It is our way to express our appreciation and gratitude for these members' lengthy years of service and financial support of the Society.


How much does it cost?

Membership runs from January through December.  First-year dues may be pro-rated based on join date. For members joining October through December, membership runs through December of the following year.
Chapter Options: Chapters are local, state or regional neurodiagnostic organizations that have been officially chartered by ASET. They provide member information, continuing education and timely communication to stay abreast of ever changing developments in the profession at the local level. You have the option to join one or more chapters, or renew your current chapter membership, when joining or renewing your membership in ASET. Joining one or more chapters is optional.  For more information about joining a Chapter, see How to Join a Chapter.

Refund Policy
A member may resign or cancel their membership at any time by submitting their resignation in writing to Mary Bowers, Membership Manager. Membership dues are non-refundable.


PLEASE NOTE: The chart below reflects the ASET dues rates for the 2022 membership year.  First-year dues for new members may be pro-rated based on join date.  Renewing members are not eligible for pro-rated dues beyond their first year of membership.


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