Neurodiagnostic Week

Neurodiagnostic Week IS April 19-25, 2020!
Join us in celebrating Neurodiagnostic Week!
This year's theme is Neurodiagnostic Technology - A Field of Unlimited Potential
Announcing the Winner of the ASET Neurodiagnostic Week Theme Contest:
Annette Maddox
Annette graduated from the Indiana University EEG Program in 1982 and the Nursing Program in 2016. She currently works for Sabrina Galloway and Neuromonitoring Technologies Inc. and has been a Faculty Instructor for The Institute of Health Sciences EEG School with Kellee Trice since 2013. The photo of Annette was taken in one of the organic gardens she and her husband own called, Greenbridge Farm in Guyton Georgia.
Thank you Annette and Congratulations!
At ASET, we take immense pride in the Neurodiagnostic profession being a professional society for neurodiagnostic technologists. This is in part why we sponsor a week-long event held the third week of April each year, as Neurodiagnostic Week. Neurodiagnostic Week is an excellent opportunity to educate others, recruit new students into the profession, and to promote neurodiagnostic awareness in the community. It is also a great time to celebrate the individual accomplishments of neurodiagnostic technologists everywhere.
Our mission is to educate the public about the many ways that neurodiagnostic professionals work to ensure the health of all Americans, not only in their day to day practice but through advocacy, education, and research.  During this week, hospitals, schools, and other institutions acknowledge the year-round efforts of neurodiagnostic technologists.  In addition, many neurodiagnostic departments hold open houses, sponsor special activities for the public and hospital staff and perform community events. Planning something special? Let us know!
Mission of Neurodiagnostic Week
  • Honor and thank neurodiagnostic professionals for their contributions
  • Demonstrate the value of neurodiagnostic technologists in all healthcare settings
  • Promote neurodiagnostic in the workplace and the community
  • Increase awareness of neurological issues in all environments
  • Educate and encourage prospective students about career opportunities and growth of the profession
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