ASET members represent a cross-section of over 7,000 neurodiagnostic technologists involved in clinical practice, research, education, and management; hospitals and labs; and allied healthcare providers who have an interest in neurodiagnostics.
For individuals, whether you are on-the-job trained, a student or recent graduate of a neurodiagnostics program, preparing for your boards, or a credentialed technologist with years of service, membership in ASET provides you a multitude of products, services and programs designed to meet your special needs for continuing education and professional growth, career advancement, job protection, and delivery of quality patient care.
If you are an institution, membership in ASET provides you with access to the latest standards of practice, national competencies, salary surveys, and neurodiagnostic roles and job descriptions as well as up-to-the-minute reports on state and federal legislative and regulatory activities that affect the neurodiagnostic profession. Equally important, membership in ASET provides your institution a cost-savings approach for providing a rich array of continuing education and training options for your employees.
Upon your review of our member benefits & programs we are confident you will agree that joining the Society is a valuable and affordable investment in professional development in neurodiagnostics. Joining ASET is the right step to take in advancing your career and quality patient care.
Apply online or download the membership application to join today!

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