Education Seminars

ASET courses, seminars, and online education provide a solution for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and obtain needed CEUs. Neurodiagnostic professionals need the education and training necessary to improve skills and job performance in order to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. We understand the changing nature of the profession and aim to keep you ahead of the curve by designing educational opportunities with these goals in mind.

ASET’s one and/or two-day seminars highlight topics based on the core competencies identified by the CoA-NDT and ASET’s Standards and Practices Committee and/or provide preparation for the ABRET board exams. Comprehensive in content, these programs focus on specific segments of the neurodiagnostic profession and are presented by subject matter experts in the field.


EEG Boot Camp:
  • EEG registry exam candidates
  • Entry level techs with some experience who are seeking to build upon their foundational skills and knowledge
  • Those who would like to review and learn more about basic EEG concepts
Advanced Practice LTM/IONM:
  • CLTM exam candidates
  • Experienced technologists who are seeking CEUs
  • Those who would like to develop advanced skills in the Neurodiagnostic Laboratory

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