*Please note- the application process and fees have changed for all 2021 programming. Information and applications available by clicking on the options to the right.

If the program credits or dates change from the original application, you will need to re-apply for CEUs. There may be an additional charge associated with this. However, we will not charge a late fee for those programs who have already received approval and are seeking to change to a new format. Please contact the ASET office with any questions or concerns.
ASET Continuing Education Units (ASET-CEUs) are awarded to programs who apply to ASET for this designation and who maintain the highest quality of education for the profession. Attendees are then awarded ASET-CEUs for the number of hours in which they participate in a particular program. These ASET-CEUs can then be used to document continuing education for recertification or professional development within a hospital setting. ASET-CEUs are recognized by ABRET and BRPT for recertification. For more information and details on ASET-CEUs, review the FAQs.

A number of ABRET Exam Eligibility pathways require candidates to obtain a set number of ASET-CEUs (e.g. 30 or 60 ASET-CEUs) on subjects that are directly related to the topics for which the candidate is seeking credentials in order to qualify for the ABRET registry exam. There are many options available to obtain these credits. The ASET EEG Seminar courses, held each spring and fall offer approximately 14.5 ASET-CEUs.

You may also elect to take some of the ASET on-line courses, which you can purchase in our online store. Online courses on EEG, EP, IONM, LTM and NCS topics are available. You may customize your learning and select the courses that you feel will best help you prepare for the exams.

Educational events offered by other educational providers may also be an option if their courses have been pre-approved for ASET-CEUs.  Please check with the provider, or call the ASET Education Office to confirm ASET-CEUs status for such courses.
ABRET requires a specific number of continuing education credits for recertification of credentials. Please visit the ABRET website for information on recertification.

Please note that ASET-CEUs are accepted for recertification of a credential, and other providers of appropriate Neurodiagnostic education will be accepted as well. Educational events must offer content appropriate for the credential being renewed, and the number of contact hours, subject matter, and faculty name and qualifications must be documented.


ASET Online Education Courses (up to 20 ASET-CEUs)
Live and recorded webinars (1 credit each)
Recorded Lectures (1 ASET-CEUs)
Free Journal quizzes (2 ASET-CEUs each)
ASET Education Seminars (approx. 13 ASET-CEUs)
ASET Annual Conferences (approx. 22 ASET-CEUs)

Disclaimer: ASET-CEUs awarded by outside organizations, may take 4-6 weeks to post to your account after we receive the attendance roster. Thank you for your patience. Continuing Education Unit (CEU) approval through ASET should not be construed as an endorsement of the content contained within the training. The ASET Continuing Education committee makes its approval decisions based on the information provided by event organizers and cannot be in attendance at all events it has approved to ensure that the information presented is as described in the applications. CEU approval is based on adherence to the ASET-CEU application criteria. If you feel an educational event has not met these standards, please contact the ASET Executive Office to discuss: (816) 931-1120.

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