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Sponsorships are based on first right of refusal from existing sponsors.
The ASET Annual Conference is the largest educational opportunity and networking event in the world for Neurodiagnostic professionals and industry partners.  Complete with dozens of education sessions, poster presentations, high-level abstract presentation speakers, specialty symposia, exhibit hall, and diverse opportunities for networking, this annual event is a must for all Neurodiagnostic professionals, whether a technologists, laboratory manager, physician, or supplier representative.  There are a number of annual conference sponsorship opportunities.  All sponsorships will include a listing in the final program and on the exhibit hall entrance unit and in the sponsor section of the conference app.
Sponsorship Item:
Capture everyone’s attention in the final program, which provides exhibitor information, course schedule, general session abstracts, and general meeting information.

Back Page Ad [color] - $1,750
Front Inside Cover [color] - $1,300
Back Inside Cover [color] - $1,300
8 ½” x 11” Internal [color] - $800
LANYARDS - $2,000
Custom printed lanyards with your company name and logo will be worn by over 600 attendees and exhibitors attending the annual conference and ASET seminars throughout the year.
INK PEN - $1,200
High quality pen makes taking notes a breeze.  In fact, we’ll be using these pens throughout the year at other ASET seminars.  Your logo and/or up to 15 words will be printed on the pen.
This vinyl folder will be emblazoned with your company logo on the front cover.  The portfolio contains a notepad and pockets for easy storage.
Each registered attendee will receive a flash drive, preloaded with all of the course handouts from the meeting.  The flash drive features your logo and/or company name as part of the artwork.
This official bag, imprinted with the sponsoring company’s name and logo along with the conference logo is distributed to all attendees at the annual conference and at ASET seminars throughout the year.  These bags will be used by attendees long after the meeting has ended.  
To help cover the costs associated with a live band, or other entertainment feature, such as a DJ. No matter the event, it will definitely be a good time had by all. Your company name and logo will be prominently displayed in the meeting program and on signage outside of the venue.
Help ASET celebrate the annual conference in style!  The reception and entertainment are always highlights at any meeting…and this year, it is bound to be memorable.  Your company name and logo will appear on the drink tickets distributed to all attendees, (350 tickets printed).  
What conference would be complete without food and beverages to quench hunger and thirst?  Generate goodwill and appreciation from all those attendees who need a jolt of caffeine in the morning or a sugar boost in the afternoon.  Your company name and logo will be displayed on the morning or afternoon break sign and on the schedule in the final program.
Contribute to the professional development of Neurodiagnostic technologists by underwriting the various activities, including poster sessions.  Customize and tailor your support of the ASET educational programs by sponsoring a course track for a day.  A long-standing event at ASET conferences are the Sundown Seminars covering a range of topics.  They are always popular and well-attended; position your company as a leader by supporting these sessions.  Your company name and logo will be printed on the meeting room signs as well as on the schedule in the final program.

Conference Sponsorship [1 day] - $800/ea
Conference Sponsorship [3 days] - $2,000
Sundown Seminar Sponsorship - $500/ea
Create a lasting impression of your support for the 58th ASET Annual Conference for all attendees by sponsoring a complimentary t-shirt.  Your logo and company name will be prominently displayed on the t-shirt along with the conference logo.
Be sure that your message reaches all attendees by inserting a flyer or brochure in the official meeting bag.  No work…no sweat!  Just send us your brochure or flyer [up to one 8 ½” x 11” piece] and we’ll do all the work.  Better yet, do a promotion enticing attendees to your booth with a special offer they can’t refuse. Contact the ASET office for required quantity.
ASET can help you customize and tailor your advertising and sponsorship package so that your company doesn't get lost in the crowd! From unique events at the annual conference to strategic placement of advertising, we can help guide you through the various options. Sponsorship levels - Platinum ($12,500), Gold ($9,500), and Silver ($7,500) - bundle your marketing needs and save you money. For more information, please email the Marketing & Social Media Manager.

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