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What is the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy? The Leadership Academy is a joint collaboration of ABRET – Neurodiagnostic Credentialing and Accreditation and ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society to address the needs of both organizations to prepare volunteers to move into leadership position by providing instruction in leadership skills. The mission of the academy is to develop the volunteer leadership necessary to ensure the long-term growth and advancement of both ABRET and ASET, and of the neurodiagnostic profession. While many of the skills you will learn through this academy will prove useful in your workplace professional development, the focus of the academy is on “volunteer” leadership training and the “business” of the two organizations. The goal of the academy is to establish and continually replenish a pool of candidates who are prepared to take on a range of volunteer positions in either or both organizations, and to ultimately become future leaders of the credentialing and accreditation board, and the society
How is the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy delivered? The Academy is composed of a series of on-line modules, presented via ASET’s E-Learning portal. Enrollment is open throughout the calendar year. Interaction with faculty varies from course to course. At the end of each course you will be required to complete a brief exam
Who can participate in the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy? Participants are required to be actively employed in Neurodiagnostics (clinical practice, research, education or management) and a member in good standing of ASET. Participants are not required to hold an ABRET credential. However, in order to be considered for election to the ABRET board, the nominee must have an ABRET credential, or have a medical degree (M.D. or D.O.)
Who is teaching the courses in the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy? The course instructors are veteran neurodiagnostic professionals with ASET Board of Trustees and/or ABRET Board of Directors leadership experience, and member volunteers with teaching, training, laboratory management, and technical experience
What is the cost of the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy? There are 11 modules in the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy program. The non-refundable registration fee is only $75 for the entire program
How flexible is the schedule for the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy? Participants work at their own speed but are expected to complete all the modules within one year to earn their Leadership Academy certificate. With the exception of the first module (Introduction to ASET and ABRET) and the final module (Leadership Skills), the courses may be completed in any order
What types of courses are included in the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy? The 11 modules comprising the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy program are: Introduction to ASET and ABRET (must be completed first), Strategic Thinking, Corporate Compliance, Goal Setting, Communication, Team Development, Coaching, Conflict Management, Understanding Non-profit Financials, Networking for Success, Leadership Skills (must be completed last)
Do these course hours contribute to my ABRET continuing education requirements? Because the Leadership Academy does not address technical skills in Neurodiagnostics or provide continuing education in the practice of Neurodiagnostics, completion of the program does not qualify for ASET-CEUs or contribute to ABRET education requirements needed to maintain your registry. The Academy focuses on skills identified as important for leaders involved in non-profit organizations, specifically ASET and ABRET.
What are the benefits of completing the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy? The benefits of completing the ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy include development of leadership skills focused on the Neurodiagnostic organizations but which are transferable to other non-profit groups as well as in your personal/professional life. Participants will have the opportunity to learn specifically about ASET and ABRET, their missions and functions, and the rules which govern all non-profit organizations. Training will be provided in the essential basics and advanced leadership skills required for effective non-profit governance. Participants will learn about opportunities to serve the neurodiagnostic organizations. It is anticipated that graduates of the Academy will develop the skill sets required to take on the leadership roles to assure a bright future for both ASET and ABRET
As a participant will I have the opportunity to apply the leadership skills I have learned? Applicants should note that participation and/or completion of the Leadership Academy does not guarantee any position within either of the organizations, and there may be additional requirements to be eligible for appointment or nomination to a society position or office.   However, graduates of the Leadership Academy will become part of a pool of qualified candidates from which committee members and chairpersons will be easily identified. Designation as a graduate of the Leadership Academy will provide proof of your commitment to the organizations, and a profound addition to your resume for nomination to board positions
.Will ASET|ABRET Leadership Academy graduates be recognized? Leadership Academy graduates will be recognized each year at the ASET annual conference business meeting

Where can I obtain more information about this program? Review the course abstracts and information on the course faculty.

Registration is open. This course is only available to ASET members.

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