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Webinar Series

2017 Webinars!
Participants will log onto a website to listen to the lecture and will be allowed to participate in a more interactive way of discussion via a chat box and online polling feature.  The speaker will be able to present and interact with their slides using a pointer or whiteboard. Presentations will be recorded and available in video format, which you can download to your computer or video mp3 player such as an iPod or iPhone after the lecture.  
Follow these instructions to register Now:
  1. Go to the ASET website, www.aset.org and log in with your ASET username and password.
  2. Click on Webinar Series under the Education tab.
  3. Click on Online Registration from the left side of your screen under the member login boxes.
  4. This will direct you to the ASET Online Store, click on the category Live Webinars 2017.
  5. Listed here is the title, author and date of the upcoming webinar, click on the Add to Cart button to purchase the live webinar event(s).
  6. When finished, proceed to the Check Out and complete the store order form, be sure to review your order details before processing your payment.
  7. Enrolled participants will receive log-in instructions and link 24 hours prior to the live event. 
Take advantage of this educational opportunity and register NOW!  The ASET Webinars are worth 1 ASET-CEUs each.
New Registration and ASET CEU Process
New in 2017: Simplified registration process and change in CEU quiz requirement. (see below)
Individual participation 
member price: $25.00 / non-member price: $40.00 
  • register/enroll in the webinar course and attend the live event (includes access to the webinar, webinar recording, and quiz). Passing the available quiz in this course earns the CEU credit(s).
Group participation 
first enrollee - same as Individual Participation rate and process
each additional participant -
member price: $10.00 / non-member price: $15.00
  • each additional participant must enroll in the “quiz only” course with title that matches the webinar. Passing the available quiz in this course earns the CEU credit(s).  Rosters will no longer be used or accepted.
  • i.e. The first participant enrolls in "Webinar Ambulatory EEG" course. Each additional participant enrolls in "Webinar Quiz Only Ambulatory EEG" course (note matching titles). Only the quiz is included in the "quiz only"course, (no handouts or recordings-those must be accessed from the first enrollee). Click here to view the downloadable quiz only webinar registration form.


All Live Webinars begin at 12 noon Central time, 1 PM Eastern, 11 AM Mountain, and 10 AM Pacific unless otherwise specified.
January 18
"Linked Quadri-Polar MEP Stimulation for Minimizing
Body Movement"
by Ernesto Lima, MD
Revolutionize how you do MEPs!  Ever wished you could do more frequent MEPs without objection from the surgeon?  Now you can do MEPs during intradural tumor resection, and do it safely with little to no movement, using the linked Quadripolar technique.  Listen to Dr. Lima's presentation a find out how.  Hint - head measurement is key.  Others across the country, who have tried Dr. Lima's technique, are ecstatic. Surgeons love it too, knowing their patients are being very closely monitored during critical procedures.
About Webinar:
This presentation will document the comparative studies between LQP and conventional stimulation methods for TCeMEPs.  Transcranial electrical motor evoked potential (TCeMEP) stimulation is used extensively for monitoring the lateral corticospinal tract during high-risk neurological and orthopedic surgeries. During the testing process, it is frequently necessary to increase stimulus intensity levels to obtain consistent response to all muscles, usually causing significant patient movement. In this method, termed Linked Quadri-Polar (LQP) TCeMEP, we link together the electrodes on each side of the scalp to get a more generalized current spread during stimulation. This results in the need for significantly less stimulus intensity due to the diffuse current spread.
February 15
"HIPAA Compliance for Equipment-What Does this Mean for You"
by Simon Griffin, BSC
About Webinar:
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA for short, is a far-reaching law that has implications for how we run our EEG systems. So often you will read or hear the term, “HIPAA compliant”, with regards to EEG equipment. What does this actually mean? And what does it mean to be a “Covered Entity”? This talk will explore specific terms of the HIPAA law and discuss your responsibilities as a covered entity. The talk will provide insight into what you can do to ensure that your equipment is being used in a HIPAA compliant way.
March 15
"High Density EEG"
by Mark Mintz, MD
About Webinar:
In High Density EEG, a large number (>120) of saline soaked sensors record the electrical activity of the brain.  This presentation will explain the research as well as clinical applications of high density EEG and its accuracy in detecting abnormalities.
April 19
"The Lyme Disease Epidemic and the Impact on the
by Joseph A. Annibali, MD
About Webinar:
Lyme disease has reached epidemic proportions. You are likely to see patients with neurological complications of undiagnosed Lyme Disease. The CDC reports 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year, but there are many more unreported cases. Late-stage complications include severe cardiac and neurological problems such as meningitis, loss of motor skills, and seizure-like symptoms. Lyme disease is spreading and there are cases in all 50 states.
May 17
"Medication Effect on the EEG & AED Updates"
by Patricia Crumrine, MD
About Webinar:
Many of the patients referred for an EEG are on multiple medications, including anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and others that affect the central nervous system. It can be difficult to determine how these medications may alter the EEG. This lecture will include examples of EEGs from patients on a variety of medications known to have an effect on EEG findings.

September 20
"NCS in Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Other Infectious Diseases"
by Jerry Morris, R. NCS T., CNCT, FASET, MS
About Webinar:
Jerry will explain how the nerve conduction study is used in the diagnosis of Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome and other infections that affect the peripheral nervous system. We may see more patients with Guillain- Barre’ since it has been identified as a complication of the Zika virus. Jerry always delivers a dynamic and interesting presentation.                                                                                          

Extended Webinar
October 18    
"IONM Updates Extended Webinar" 
by TBA
About Webinar:
An extended webinar to present current information on these three topics:
1. Review of IOM Documentation, Communication and Development of the Policy and Procedure
Jeff Balzer, PhD, DABNM, FASNM
2. Review of Legal and Billing Issues in IONM
3. Review of Motor Evoked Potentials in IONM

November 15
"Update on EEG Descriptors and Terms"
by TBA
About Webinar:
This webinar will present standardized terminology used for the description of EEG patterns and periodic discharges.