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All organizations flourish with active and dedicated member leaders. We invite you to grow with us as you contribute to the neurodiagnostic profession. We deeply appreciate your interest and guarantee you will benefit both on a personal and professional level.
Much of the work of the Society is done though its committees and task forces. A committee is a body of one or more persons, appointed by the President or the Board of Trustees to consider, investigate, take action on certain matters or subjects, or to do all of these things. There are two types of committees – standing committees, which have a continuing existence, and ad hoc or special committees, which go out of existence as soon as they have completed a specified task. Each committee is led by a chairperson and has as many members as needed to carry out the functions of the committee.
In an effort to respond quickly to issues as they arise, the ASET President and Board may appoint a task force or project team to handle a specific activity. A Task Force is a temporary group of individuals and resources assembled for a specific objective. The objective or project assigned to a task force is typically concise and can be completed within a short period of time. Examples may include working on a policy position statement or developing a resource manual on a topic.
Committees and task forces primarily conduct their work through e-mail and periodic conference calls. The frequency of conference calls is dependent upon the scope of the committee. Attempts are made to limit conference calls to no more than one per month and are scheduled at times convenient to the majority of the members of the committee.
ASET strives to match your interests, skills and professional knowledge with the needs of each committee, task force or other leadership opportunity. The following questions will help us determine how we can best utilize your talents and interests. Every effort will be made to place you on the committee or activity of your choice.

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I understand the level of involvement required for serving on an ASET committee task force or workgroup. I understand that ASET does not normally fund any expenses for committee activities other than conference calls of the full committee called by the committee chairs, although in some cases face-to-face meetings may be planned and budgeted for where expenses are covered by ASET. I understand that there may be a need to periodically participate in conference calls during normal business hours and have obtained management approval for this as needed. I understand that I must be a current ASET member to participate on a committee, task force or workgroup.

Supporting documents, including committee job and member descriptions, expense reimbursement policy and other details will be forwarded to you upon your appointment to a committee or task force.

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