LTM 100: Introduction to Long Term Monitoring for EMU Personnel

This course describes the personnel, equipment, patient safety concerns and communication practices meant to reduce risks that are unique to long-term EEG and Epilepsy Monitoring Units (EMU). Participants will learn about the goals of monitoring and will be introduced to electrode types and disinfection methods as well as basic seizure descriptors and epilepsy treatments. Lessons will also introduce learners to applicable Guidelines, Best Practices and National Competency documents that promote patient safety during long-term EEG set-up and monitoring. LTM 100 is an introductory course that has been added to ASET’s existing 13-course EEG Curriculum and 10-course LTM curriculum with the intention that individuals will continue their learning and exam preparation to advance professionally in their career ladder and help build a qualified workforce. Recommended pre or co-requisite courses: EEG 201, EEG 202, and EEG 203.



Author: Maureen Carroll, R. EEG/EP T., RPSGT, CNIM, FASET, Khrystyna Moskalyk R. EEG T., CLTM and Susan Agostini, R. EEG/EP T.

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