EEG 212: Final Review and Practice Exam

This course is intended to help the learner prepare to take the credentialing exam and also as a capstone for material covered in the ASET EEG Core Curriculum courses (EEG 200-211). Completion of this course does not guarantee the learner will pass the credentialing exam but rather provides a means to practice computer-based testing on profession-specific topics. Extensive study is required for exam preparation along with the clinical experience detailed on the exam eligibility pathway. Committing several hours a week for six months to one year will help adequately prepare for the credentialing exam. The questions (500 study questions with the answer sheet and 1500+ in a database for practice exams) are included and fall under the general topic outline of subjects covered in the credentialing exam. The practice exams will help guide the learner in the appropriate areas of study and allows for simulating both open-ended and timed exams. Also included are study aids and guides to help study and prepare for the credentialing exam. This is a board preparation review tool, and practice exam.



Author: Maureen Carroll, BS, R. EEG/EP T., RPSGT, CNIM

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