Catch Brain Waves that Zoom! - Bundle of 20

Catch Brain Waves that Zoom captures the EEG testing experience of an inquisitive, precocious (fictitious) child, Rhee B. McFee. An adventure turns from what seems ordinary into an amazing zooming experience! Told in verse, both light hearted and fun, readers will enjoy their walk with Rhee B. as her imagination and honesty exude a one-of-a-kind personality. While told through the eyes of Rhee B. herself, the wonder of the unknown and preconceived notions move her toward understanding with the help of those around her. Along the way, a sense of accomplishment and reward is gained. Catch Brain Waves that Zoom is intended to help parents and child engage in conversation prior to EEG, and offer comfort and support by walking together through EEG. Since the testing process may vary, your clinic or hospital can explain the process as it applies to your child.  - Softcover. 2021©. 30 pages.
Author & Illustrator: Linda A. Wilder, BA, R. EEG T.
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