Practical Approach to Electroencephalography - eBook

An essential guide to EEG testing, including all the technical aspects of performing an EEG. Practical Approach to Electroencephalography also provides case studies of neurologic disorders and conditions in which EEGs are needed for diagnostic testing and provides numerous EEG examples for normal and abnormal EEG recognition. Electronic Online Access, 464 pages. 2010. By Mark H. Libenson, M.D. Purchaser will receive access packet with instructions by email.
Required text for seven ASET 200-level EEG Online Courses, EEG 205: Normal Adult EEG, Normal Variants, & Drug Effects; EEG 206: Instrumentation Part 1 Differential Amplifier, Montage Design & Filters; EEG 207: Instrumentation Part 2 Waveform Analysis & Polarity; EEG 208: Artifacts Identification and Troubleshooting; EEG 209: EEG in Epilepsy; EEG 210: EEG in Neurological Disorders; EEG 211: EEG in Pediatric Patients and Neonates.
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