Intraoperative Neuromonitoring: Basics & Performance Issues, 2nd Edition - EPUB

This book brings together many of the elements necessary to perform competently in the operating room. Twenty-three introductory articles review what the technologist should expect to see in the OR environment and how to prepare to work effectively as a member of the team. Articles reviewing performance issues discuss troubleshooting, documentation, anesthetic agents, quality assurance, and technical considerations.
Second Edition
Journal Reprint Series: 2016, 446 pages (contains 75% new material).

This e-book has been optimized for the following recommended readers: Adobe Digital Editions Reader/ADER (for WIN/PC) or iBooks reader (Apple devices including Mac) for ePub formats and Kindle Previewer (WIN/PC or Mac) or Kindle Paperwhite device for mobi formats. Below are the links where you can find and download the readers for free:

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