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How to Join a Chapter

At the time you join ASET or renew your membership, you now have the option to also join one or more ASET chapters. Joining an ASET chapter is optional.

There is no requirement that ASET members who live in the geographic territory covered by a chapter have to become members of that chapter. Similarly, it is not a requirement that a member of a chapter has to also become a member of ASET. One-hundred percent (100%) of chapter dues collected by ASET are rebated to the applicable chapters on a quarterly basis.

How to join an ASET chapter:

1. New ASET Members

New members may join a chapter by downloading the ASET member application, checking the boxes on the application for which chapters you would like to join, and including the chapter dues in your total dues payment.

For new members joining ASET online, simply select the chapters you would like to join on the last screen of the member application. The amount of chapter dues will automatically be added to your ASET member dues.

2. Renewing ASET Members

For ASET members renewing their memberships online, after you log in to the members only section of the ASET website, click on the “Renew Online” tab on the right hand side of the page. You will then be taken to a series of three screens pre-populated with your contact and demographic information and preferred settings. When you come to the last screen you will have the opportunity to join a chapter – or renew your chapter membership – simply by clicking on the applicable chapter boxes. The amount of chapter dues will automatically be included in the amount to be charged. 

For ASET members who receive a hard copy or PDF copy of your invoice, the dues invoice that you will receive from ASET will have the list of chapters on the invoice. To join a chapter – or to renew your chapter membership – all you need to do is check the applicable chapter box(es) and include the amount of chapter dues in your total dues payment. 

3. Chapter Membership Only

If you would like to join only a chapter and not become a member of ASET, you must file a member application directly with the chapter. Visit the chapters’ listing for contact information and links to chapter websites.

4. Institutional Chapter Membership

If your institutional employees would like to affiliate directly with a chapter, please instruct them to file an individual member application directly with the chapter.  Contact information and links to each chapter’s website can be found at