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CEUs Application Guidelines & Fees

If the program credits or dates change from the original application, you will need to re-apply for CEUs. There may be an additional charge associated with this. However, we will not charge a late fee for those programs that have already received approval and are seeking to change to a new format. Please contact the ASET office with any questions or concerns.

Education programs are ELIGIBLE for ASET-CEUs provided that:

  • The content is relevant to the field of Neurodiagnostics
  • The program is presented in an organized learning format and includes a printed schedule with dates, times, speaker, and credentials
  • Faculty or product authors must have the appropriate professional credential for the topic being presented
  • The objectives of the program are stated and adhered to;
  • The sponsoring organization assumes responsibility for the program, including capable direction, qualified instruction, and documented attendance;
  • The program is evaluated by the participants and organizers
  • The event hasn’t taken place yet

Programs that are NOT eligible for ASET-CEUs include:

  • Equipment in-service, training sessions, business meetings, meals, or breaks;
  • Mandatory and/or standard employee training for onboarding purposes. This includes employer-provided didactic coursework and vocational training at the onset of employment for the primary purpose of preparing employees to perform one’s duties.
  • Classroom activities, including required reading, notes, flashcards, quizzes, or non-Neurodiagnostic related training such as HIPAA, CPR, or facility tours, etc.
  • Events that have already taken place. ASET does not award ASET-CEUs retroactively, and the applications will not even be considered;
  • Incomplete applications and those received without payment of the appropriate fee will be returned to the sponsoring organization.


30 days before the event: complete the online application, along with payment and file uploads.

  1. ASET will send you notification of the number of credits approved along with ASET-CEUs Rosters and evaluation forms via e­mail.
  2. After the education event, the program director will email rosters and the Program Evaluation Form to [email protected]. Applicants whose names are illegible or whose information is incomplete will NOT receive ASET-CEUs.
  3. ASET imports the records of all participants entered on the ASET-CEUs roster spreadsheet. If you already have an account created with ASET, please enter your information on the roster as it appears in your ASET account. This will make the upload process more efficient and timely.
  4. Print the following disclaimer in full-on program information and schedule:
  • “ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society has granted ASET Continuing Education Units [ASET-CEUs] for this program. Such crediting, however, should not be construed by program participants as an endorsement of any type of instruments or supplies mentioned or involved in these presentations.”

Upload files for the program to be evaluated

Please provide all of the information requested on the form. A copy of your program schedule will provide an outline of your program to assist in determining the number of ASET-CEUs that ASET will assign. All breaks and lunch periods must be stated as well.


A $100 late fee will be assessed if the ASET-CEUs application is received less than 30 days from the start of the programFailure to comply will result in a rejected application and a refund will be given.
Submission of the ASET-CEUs Application must be accompanied by the appropriate fee as outlined below before the awarding of education credits will be considered. Selected programs are discounted for ASET Chapter Societies and Institutional Members. Programs expecting attendance rates of 200 or more will be charged an additional processing fee of $100 per every increase of 100 attendees (see below for pricing).

ATTENDANCE PROCESSING FEES: The following fees apply for attendance rates of 200 or more. 

  • 200-299: $100 
  • 300-399: $200
  • 400-499: $300
  • 500-599: $400

SEATED DAY PROGRAMS: The following fees apply for one 8 hour day:


HOSPITALS, UNIVERSITIES, other Societies: $150


*For two or more course days: add $100/day

LECTURE SERIES: The following fees apply to 1-2 hour lectures presented in a series for a 12-month period. May be held in person or virtually (requires a tracking mechanism for attendance). Attendees must be live, real time to earn CEUs:

Definition of Lecture Series: A complete program of regularly scheduled lectures held on a weekly or monthly basis with an established faculty (example: neuroanatomy series, record review). Attendance rosters should be completed for each lecture and submitted at the end of the 12-month period. This category does not apply to a program of lectures that is repeated within a six-month period.

WEEKLY SERIES [up to 52 per year. Attendees must be live, real time to earn CEUs]:

ASET Chapter Societies or Institutional Members: $425/yr

Hospital, University, National Society: $500/yr

 Company/Independent Sponsor: $750/yr

MONTHLY SERIES [12 per year. Attendees must be live, real time to earn CEUs]:

ASET Chapter Societies or Institutional Members: $297.50/yr

Hospital, University, other Society: $350/yr

Company/Independent Sponsor: $550/yr

SINGLE LECTURES: Seated programs (up to two hours in duration): $100


For independent educator companies offering courses on various topics up to 10/year: $850/yr

For additional courses over 10 per year: $100/ea

VIRTUAL LIVE WEBINARS: Live webinars require a tracking mechanism for attendance. Only attendees who are online during the live, virtual presentation will be eligible for ASET-CEUs.:

Priced in 2-hour intervals: $100/2 Hours

RECORDED WEBINARS: Recorded webinars require a tracking mechanism for attendance and submission of a post-test. Considered as online education and maxes out at 20 hours/ASET-CEUs.:

Priced in 2-hour intervals: $200/2 hours

ONLINE COURSES: A formal online course will be evaluated by an independent reviewer, so course access must be granted. The review process may take 4-6 weeks. Online courses can only receive a maximum of 20 ASET-CEUs. All online courses must be renewed annually and re-evaluated after 5 years for course material validity.

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