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ASET CEU Application & Pricing Options

ASET Offers A Variety of ASET CEU Applications

ASET offers a variety of ASET CEU applications. Please read through the following options and choose the application which best fits your educational program or offering. ASET CEU applications require information related to your educational program for approval. Review our ASET CEU application process here.

If you need any assistance with selecting an ASET CEU application, please contact ASET’s Education Coordinator – Charlene Layer at [email protected]; 816-631-9728.

*Additional processing fees will apply for applications received under 30 days from the start date of the educational program or for programs expecting attendance rates of 200 or more. Information on these additional fees is located towards the end of this page.

*Applications must be submitted by an individual on behalf of an organization in order to process.

*Payment must be received to complete the review process.

Lecture Series

The following applications apply to lecture series lasting 1-2 hours each, whether presented in person or virtually (with attendance tracking required for virtual sessions). A lecture series is defined as a comprehensive program of regularly scheduled lectures conducted weekly or monthly and facilitated by a consistent faculty (e.g., neuroanatomy series, record review).

To earn ASET CEUs, attendees must participate live in real-time. Attendance rosters for each lecture must be completed and submitted monthly during the 12-month period. This category excludes programs with lectures repeated within a six-month period.


Single Lecture Application

Allows 1 lecture lasting 1 – 2 hours. Attendees must be live, real time to earn ASET CEUs.



A webinar is defined as a virtual event or online seminar that takes place over the internet. It can involve a presentation, lecture, workshop, or discussion hosted by one or more speakers and attended by participants from various locations. ASET offers ASET CEU applications for both live and recorded webinars.


Virtual Live Webinar Application

Allows for 1 live webinar and requires a tracking mechanism for attendance. Attendees must be online during the live, virtual presentation.


  • Priced in 2-hour intervals: $100/2 hours.

Online Courses

An online course refers to a formal educational course conducted in an online setting, consisting of a syllabus, modules, and quizzes/tests to assess the learners’ progress. Due to additional processing time, online course applications must be submitted a minimum of 60 days in advance, or a late fee will apply. The approval process may take 4 – 6 weeks to complete. It is required to grant course access to an appointed ASET CEU reviewer. ASET limits the number of ASET CEUs earned via online courses to 20 ASET CEUs per course. All online courses must be renewed annually, and their course material validity will be re-evaluated after 5 years.


Online Course Application

This application is for the initial approval of ASET CEUs for an online course, which must be submitted within 60 days of the course availability date.


  • $1000/course

Additional ASET CEU Application & Pricing Options

Seated Day Program

Seated Day Program Application

A seated day program is defined as a structured and organized event, such as a symposium or conference. These programs can cover a wide range of activities, including lectures and educational workshops. A seated day program pertains to 8 hours or less of learning per day with live, in-person attendees. Seated day programs are priced per day.  


  • ASET chapters or institutional members: $112.50/day
  • Hospitals, universities, other societies: $150/day
  • Company or independent sponsors: $275/day

Additional Processing Fees

Late Fee: A $100 late fee will be assessed if the ASET CEU application is received less than 30 days from the start of the program or 60 days for online courses. Failure to comply will result in a rejected application and a refund will be given.

Attendance Processing Fees: The following fees apply for attendance rates of 200 or more.

200-299: $100       • 300-399: $200        • 400-499: $300        • 500-599: $400