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Associate Membership Application

ASET Communications

ASET provides a Members Only searchable directory. However, we recognize the importance of your privacy. Please choose whether you would like your information to be included in the Members Only Online Directory. If no option is chosen, the default is yes, include.
Federal regulations by the FCC require ASET to have your permission before we can communicate with you via email. You may manage your communications preferences by logging in to your ASET profile. If left unchecked, you will receive ASET emails. This will not exclude emails pertaining directly to your membership such as dues renewal notices or transaction receipts.

Membership Type

ASET Chapters

Chapters are local, state or regional neurodiagnostic organizations that have been officially chartered by ASET. They provide member information, continuing education and timely communication, allowing you the opportunity to stay informed of ever-changing developments in the profession in your region. Joining one or more chapters is optional. One hundred percent of chapter dues collected by ASET are rebated quarterly to the applicable chapters. More information can be found at


Dues rates are for the 2023 member year. ASET estimates that the non-deductible portion of your 2023 dues, the portion that is allocable to lobbying activities for Active or Associate is $31.50 and Student is $24.50. Annual subscriptions to ASETNews and The Neurodiagnostic Journal are included with your membership and may not be deducted from dues. Dues portions allotted for publications are $2 for the newsletter and $21.40 for the Journal. A member may resign or cancel their membership at any time by submitting their resignation, in writing, to [email protected]. Membership dues are non-refundable. ASET FEIN 74-1553534 | ASET Foundation FEIN 77-0644963