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Neurodiagnostic Technology A Career Full of POTENTIAL

Are you a science & technology-oriented individual?

Do you want a growing & in-demand career that is in healthcare?

Would you like a job that is interesting & impacts patients’ lives? A Career in Neurodiagnostic Technology is for You!

What Types of Neurodiagnostic Procedures Are There?

Learn the alphabet soup of acronyms. These procedures can be performed in clinics, hospitals, research facilities or in homes.

Ignite Your Future

A Complete Career Ladder

Neurodiagnostic technology offers a complete career ladder. Neurodiagnostic assistants can get started after just 2–4 weeks of training, while advanced positions such as a NeuroAnalyst or lab supervisor can be achieved within 5–6 years.


Perks That Add Up

Start exploring today to discover a variety of roles that challenge and inspire. Working as a neurodiagnostic technologist offers the opportunity to collaborate with the entire healthcare team and stay on the cutting edge. Healthcare is a growing and stable field with most hospitals providing competitive pay and above average benefits.

Next Steps

Neurodiagnostic jobs are in demand all across the country, so you’ll have the flexibility to live just about anywhere you want. And because technologists have the ability to advance throughout their careers, your starting place doesn’t have to be your stopping place.

Healthcare is a growing and stable field with most hospitals providing competitive pay and above average benefits.

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College Credit for Credentialing

Career opportunities for neurodiagnostic technologists are on the rise, due to the increased use of EEG, as well as an increase in epilepsy and sleep studies. Throughout the U.S., the number of job opportunities exceeds the number of graduates.

Career Opportunities

Check out the many exciting career positions by salary range.

*salary estimates are based on the 2022 Neurodiagnostic Salary and Benefits Report. Salaries vary among geographical regions and facility types. For more specific salary data, please refer to the full report.