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ASET Flashcard App Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 05/02/2024

Terms Of Service

We regularly improve ASET flashcards and release updates. Changes to the application and user experience may occur.

By using ASET flashcards, you agree to the following terms of service and acknowledge our privacy policies regarding registration, personal information, cookies, contact, and third-party vendors.

ASET flashcard app refers to the flashcard applications maintained by ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society and available for purchase through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Changes made to personal information or to a user’s records and progress reports are done at the discretion of the user. ASET does not take responsibility for errors that may cause damage or disruption to a user’s account, personal information, session data, progress data, or ranking.

Flashcard users declare by their activity that they will not use the application to copy, reproduce, sell or steal any content, both artistic and academic, from the app, nor will they allow their account to be tampered with by a third-party for such purposes. All content is kept, produced, reproduced, and maintained by ASET as an e-learning resource and is to be used in such capacity only. Any breaches to this agreement will be seen as a failure by the user, and any action (legal and otherwise) may be taken against such.

ASET reserves the right to suspend or permanently remove a user account if the user is found to be in breach of any terms of service.

Privacy Policy

Personal information

Any personal information you register with us or provide at a later date is stored in our database and isn’t shared with any other companies or partner groups. We do not sell or rent or our customers’ names, addresses, e-mail addresses, or any other personal information. We may disclose customer information to our app developers for the purpose of ongoing maintenance. This applies to all service interactions, including registration, profile updates, exam progress reports and data. This information is managed by our application administrators and routinely checked for bugs, breaches, or hacks.

Data we collect and process

To provide you with the best user experience possible, we collect and process some data provided by you. This includes an email to handle logging a user in, device information such as browser version and operating system to allow us to implement fallbacks, cookies, and finally, we allow a user to optionally provide a first name, surname, date of birth and country to allow us to build a profile for the user.


ASET may contact you from time to time via email regarding updates to the application, improvements and changes to user services, and any new features we launch on the application. Additional communications may relate to security updates or recommendations, and these will also be broadcast across the application. ASET will never contact you to request that you share your e-mail address, password, or payment information.

Data deletion

If for any reason you would like your data to be deleted, please send an email to [email protected], originating from the email your account is associated with. This email should contain your username and should clearly state that you would like your data to be removed.