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ASET Commitment To Serve & Confidentiality Agreement

Please complete and submit the below form. 

I, recognize the important responsibility I am undertaking in serving on the Board of Trustees of ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society. As a Trustee of the Society, I hereby personally pledge to carry out in a trustworthy and diligent manner all the duties and obligations inherent in my role as a Trustee.
I understand that I am accepting a commitment to serve on the ASET Board, which involves my participation in teleconferences, out-of-town meetings and committee-based tasks as assigned.


(1) contribute to defining the Board’s mission and policies and procedures governing the fulfillment of that mission; (2) carry out the functions assigned to me; and (3) contribute to the formation and fulfillment of a strategic action plan to move the organization toward its mission and vision.


1. To attend in person all meetings and participate in all conference calls as scheduled. To be on time for all board scheduled events. 2. In the event my employer is unable to fund travel costs associated with board meetings to only then submit expenses to ASET for reimbursement and to accept any personal obligations for the travel costs, if necessary. 3. To come prepared to contribute to the discussions of issues and business to be addressed at scheduled meetings, having read the agenda and all background support materials relevant to the meeting. 4. To complete all assignments within established time frames. 5. To abide by the bylaws, Code of Conduct, policies and procedures of the organization. 6. To avoid conflicts of interest between my position on the Board and my personal and professional life. When necessary, I shall declare a conflict of interest, abstain from both the discussion, or abstain from the vote on any matter in which I have a personal or business interest. A conflict of interest arises when a person in a position of authority over the Society may benefit financially from a decision he or she could make in that capacity, including indirect benefits such as to family members or businesses with which the person is closely associated. 7. To abide by the Power of One policy. To actively deliberate the various issues presented to me as a Trustee within the confines of Board discussions, but to speak as a unified voice with my fellow Board members to the membership. 8. To seek linkages to the membership and to actively listen. As a Trustee of the Society, I understand that I am accountable to the membership, and must strive to provide value to them as members. 9. To actively participate and, in certain cases, lead committees. Committee work represents the gears of the Society. The Board will empower committees to perform the work of the Society. As a committee member, I understand the gravity of that empowerment and pledge to perform the work at hand to the best of my ability. 10. To be ends-driven. As mentioned above, committees are the gears of the board. As a trustee, I am focused on the strategic goals of the Board and the results needed to accomplish them. 11. To actively and regularly evaluate my performance as a Trustee, and the Board’s performance as a whole.


1. Shall not disclose confidential information related to or verbally discussed during Board meetings or other verbal or written information identified as confidential. 2. Shall not disclose any written or oral information that has been identified as confidential. 3. Shall not disclose board deliberations except as recorded in official minutes. I further understand and agree that my signature constitutes binding acceptance of these conditions. The ASET Board can only grant exceptions to this agreement upon prior approval. If for any reason I find myself unable to meet these commitments and agreements, carry out the above duties or become ineligible to continue to serve, I agree to resign.