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Announcing the 2023 Board of Trustees

Thank You to All the Candidates for Running.

We especially want to thank all the hardworking candidates who ran for a board position. You made the truly exceptional choice to submit yourself as a candidate, and to make a difference at ASET. By choosing to donate your time to the board candidate nominating process, you help steer our society towards a better future for all of us! You got involved in the process, and that is what really counts!

Meet ASET’s Newly Elected Board of Trustees

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 ASET Board of Trustees election has been concluded, and the results ratified. Congratulations to the newly elected officials who will be at the helm of The Neurodiagnostic Society.

Thank you for casting your vote in this important election.

The newly elected officers and trustees will be installed at the Annual Business Meeting Luncheon held in conjunction with the ASET 64th Annual Conference on July 20-22 in Orlando, FL.

2023 Elected Officers and Trustees



Chris Moses


Professional Pic

Christine Blodgett



Krystal Kenney



Cheryll Poissant